Alison Phillips Meghan Markle

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Alison Phillips Meghan Markle
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Alison Phillips is a Meghan Markle Sycophant

Alison Phillips Meghan Markle tropes are laughable! Phillips called Markle LIES, ‘exaggerated’.

Stop defending the indefensible. When people lie and lie consistently, and over long periods of time, it’s a FLAW in their character. Moreover, how many times have we all caught Meghan Markle in whoppers? So spare us the excuse that Markle exaggerated’, when in fact, she lied.

Alison Phillips on ITV Lorraine

When the Editors got together for our pow wow in June 2022, we decided it was time to call out Journalists, Royal Reporters and media outlets for dereliction of duty. Why should the public suffer for their neglect and lack of transparency? We don’t want to hear Markle’s ‘truths’. We want THE Truth. Why is it so difficult to understand that integrity and truth matters?

Furthermore, we wanted to expose lies and ‘gaslighting’ by media personalities. Our first piece was on Sam Kashner, who we nicknamed ‘The Turncoat’. It takes a feeble character to backtrack a whole story and deny that it ever happened, albeit Kashner confirmed the details with Tom Bower. The Kashner debacle also exposed sycophant media Newsweek, along with their pseudo-journalist and ‘race hustler’ Kristen Meinzer and her tag team mate, Jack Royston.

Watch: Alison Phillips Meghan Markle “Defence”

This ITV segment of Lorraine discusses how the United States feels about Meghan Markle. Alison Phillips was brought in at 03:05 to add to the conversation. We have included the transcript, as well.

01-September | Lorraine

Alison Phillips Meghan Markle transcript

3:24 I do also think though

3:26 we’ve slightly got into a situation

3:27 where it just feels everything around

3:29 Meghan and harry has become incredibly

3:30 negative conversation which seems

3:32 quite sad as well in that I mean some of

3:34 the things that she said I mean

3:37 at best you know maybe they’re

3:38 exaggerated um

3:41 but I think now there is there is such

3:43 sort of focus on every single sentence

3:45 that she says picking holes in it trying

3:47 to tear it apart but it does feel it’s a

3:49 real sort of negative connotations…

Here are Headlines that Challenged the Meghan Markle LIES

Countering Allison Phillips Meghan Markle argument of ‘exaggerated’ Markle stories, let’s look at ‘Nelson Mandela’ style celebrations in the street for her ‘black’ wedding to a ‘white’ Prince. Markle claimed to have been told this by a South African member of the cast of The Lion King. It turned out it NEVER happened. So was this story ‘exaggerated’? No, it was a blatant LIE.

“We as Africans will celebrate a marriage because a union is a truly blessing and it’s a real anchor of any family, but I think it’s also worrisome that it is coined as a marriage to a white Prince. You would know that our struggle for liberation was non-racially, non-sexist and therefore we can never regard any marriage on racial lines because our struggle was a non-racial base”. (04:07-04:42)

01-September-2022 | GB News

Dr Kani told MailOnline: ‘I have never met Meghan Markle. This seems like something of a faux pas by her. I am the only South African member of the cast and I did not attend the premiere in London’.

31-August-2022 | Megyn Kelly