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Gabrielle Bourne Media exposes media outlets, editors, journalists, royal reporters who don’t believe that transparency and integrity matters. They continually cover up the truth, calling blatant lies, “exaggerated” whilst ignoring facts. Hypocrites like Vanessa Feltz, TalkTV is a ‘mean girl’ and a bully in real life. Meanwhile, Newsweek, Insider, BuzzFeed, among others, turn a ‘blind eye’. We have the receipts. Here is the Tom Bower Revenge Criticism report.

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Tom Bower Revenge Criticism: Lisa Choi & Alex Riley

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism – Questionable Characters

Sam Kashner led the chorus in the Tom Bower Revenge criticism. He wrote a letter to the Times on Tuesday, 19th June expressing his dismay on how he was portrayed in the book. Joining “creepy” Kashner is ‘race hustler’ Kristen Meinzer. The supporting cast included ‘fan girls’ Newsweek and Insider.

Sam Kashner – “The Turncoat”

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Sam Kashner
Gawker | Literary Cheating Scandal | Literary Cad, Sex with Students

“Vanity Affair” Sam Kashner’s ‘meaningless’ letter proves nothing. On Tuesday, 19th July, Kashner wrote in the letter section of the Times, “Sir, I’m afraid Tom Bower didn’t convey my admiration and respect for Meghan Markle in the excerpt of his new book in The Times on Saturday”. The Times serialised Tom Bower’s book, Revenge and apparently, Kashner disagreed with his portrayal as a “stuttering”, manipulated interviewer. Funny that the part he disagreed with was in quotation marks. So who supplied Mr. Bower with the “quotes” if not Sam Kashner? Eh?

“You’re not the typical Journalist,” Meghan said coyly. “I like you, especially your stuttering.”

Tom Bower, Revenge
Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Sam Kashner

During a long telephone conversation with Sam Kashner on May 31, I read out to him all the quotations I had used of his interview with me for my book—and also conveyed to him much of the chapter. He did not make a single objection or correction.

Tom Bower, Newsweek 20-July-2022
Sunrise | 22-July-2022
Tom Bower defends tell-all book about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Kristen Meinzer – “The Race Hustler”

Kristen Meinzer was in a ‘tag team’ with Ellie Hall (BuzzFeed), Jack Royston (Newsweek) and Insider. This ridiculous race hustler — wait for it — had the gaul to call out Tom Bower for not doing any fact checking. Hey “girlfriend” neither did you.

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Kristen Meinzer

Kristen Meinzer works with Newsweek?

How did Meinzer get this gig without knowing the basics of journalism, source materials and citations? No, Mr. Bower did not need to interview you to get a quote on record. Don’t you know anything about the public domain? Obviously not with this response to your minion (Sussex Squad). You must be ‘friends’ with Meghan Markle, another whinger who creates fantasies, like getting married three days before the wedding. Even the Archbishop couldn’t go along with that nonsense.

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Kristen Meinzer

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism – The “tag team”

Ladies and Gentleman, on the mound is Ellie Hall of BuzzFeed. She waffled the pitch on the Tom Bower Revenge criticism. Hall is the wannabe royal reporter and not a very good investigator, who compared HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle. Interestingly, Kristen Meinzer did the same for Insider on 7th November 2019. Meinzer might have given Ellie pointers because their articles were redundant, lacked originality or imagination.

Kristen Meinzer whinged so much on Twitter (with multiple tweets) that she was in turn tagged by Insider for an “inside scoop” apparently. The ‘virtue signalling’ Meinzer must be “buddies” with Meghan Markle, because they sound so much alike. ‘I call out racism & sexism…because it’s the “right” thing to do’. Wow, powerful bullshit!

Then Kristen Meinzer tagged Jack Royston in a tweet about his article to further exploit the Tom Bower Revenge criticism, so she could spread more whinging to her minions.

Talk about hypocrisy! Next time you witness Kristen Meinzer, Ellie Hall, Jack Royston and Insider complain about the Royal Rota, just send them this report.

They also “commune” with the Sussex Squad. “Brazen Hussy” is a moniker used by the Squaddies. Additionally, Ellie Hall and Christopher Bouzy share information. Gabrielle Bourne Media already exposed the Meghan Markle ‘fan girl media’ including Newsweek and BuzzFeed, so STFU!

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Kristen Meinzer
Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Kristen Meinzer Jack Royston
Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Kristen Meinzer

Kristen Meinzer should take her own advice

This tweet proves that Kristen Meinzer does not know what she is talking about. This Twitter “check verified” user is all bluster and no substance, it appears. She freaked out because Tom Bower said she was a “friend and writer.” She flipped out when he got her “pronouns” she/her incorrect in the book…or did he? One thing we discovered about Mr. Bower, he’s pretty “intentional” when it comes to his writing style.

A simple Google search pulled the results. According to The Orville Fandom, ‘Moclans were a humanoid species native to the planet Moclus‘. Predominantly MALE species, when females are born they go through a ‘male gender reassignment procedure’. The hidden colony of female Moclans is called “The Sanctuary“. They are not a “race of powerful women“. Intergalactic beings are called “species”. Wow Kristen, how are we to TRUST YOU when you tweet this garbage misinformation? Eh? The pot calling the kettle black, when you are the pot is not a good look.

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism - Kristen Meinzer

Tom Bower Revenge Criticism – Just another “race hustler”

No sane person denies that racism doesn’t exist. But Kristen Meinzer’s tweets and comments are borderline obsessive.

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