Vanessa Feltz Brash Hypocrisy

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The Setup: Angela Levin ‘Ambush’

Vanessa Feltz brash hypocrisy rears its ugly head. Feltz ambushed Angela Levin on TalkTV. Feltz was once accused of bullying a work experience girl. Her “glorified” cover lauding her lingerie wearing gimmick was so cringeworthy too. Feltz has a history of being ‘rude’ and ‘crude’. Moreover, she is a bonafide hypocrite.

When Angela Levin was invited to discuss Meghan Markle on TalkTV, Vanessa Feltz attacked her ruthlessly. Never mind that Levin was there to “give her opinion”, just like Feltz did on Good Morning Britain (GMB). Whilst Angela Levin talked about Markle’s “character”, Vanessa Feltz criticised Markle on what she wore during her segment on GMB.

Vanessa Feltz has no impulse control judging by the countless times she talks about her sex life. Please pass the pale so we could vomit. It’s insane that TalkTV even hired her, based on her past ‘dismal’ work history.

Angela Levin defended her right to give her opinions. “People ask me questions and I answer them honestly”

Integrity Matters Vanessa Feltz
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Vanessa Feltz Brash Hypocrisy: The Fallout

Google Youtube should bring back the dislike counts. It’s worth noting that there are only 481 likes as of 20th October 2022. TalkTV should read the comments section for the backlash against Vanessa Feltz. She is not popular nor does she add any value to the teetering TalkTV. Piers Morgan is the superstar. Love him or hate him. He’s well on his way to surpass TalkTV’s subscribers count on Youtube.

Vanessa Feltz Brash Hypocrisy

The viewers have spoken, with dislikes and comments. Here is the backlash to Angela Levin’s treatment by Vanessa Feltz. The viewers took to the comments section to express their anger. Don’t take our word for it. We bring the receipts.

Vanessa Feltz Brash Hypocrisy
Vanessa Feltz Brash Hypocrisy

This commenter spoke for many of us.

Vanessa Feltz Brash Hypocrisy: Failing Upwards

Vanessa Feltz won’t bring the ratings. TalkTV can’t spin this either. Even BBC had issues with her, expressed in an ‘accidental’ email. Feltz earned a whopping salary of £399,000 but lost ‘50,000 listeners in a year’. Feltz was also fired by Piers Morgan when he was the Daily Mirror Editor. He called her “hopeless”.

Feltz demonstrated “alligator” tears with the Queen’s death. The viewers weren’t buying it either. Many critical thinkers weren’t buying it. Just like Piers Morgan said of Meghan Markle, ‘We wouldn’t believe Vanessa Feltz even if she read us the weather report’.

The ‘Mean Girls’ of TalkTV

Vanessa Feltz brash hypocrisy was on full display. She demonstrated why she is a mean girl. Emily Andrews was the “other blonde” referred to by commenters.

The Urban dictionary defines ‘mean girls’ as “bullies” who use “girl aggression”. The term was coined by Rosalind Wiseman, in her book, ‘Queen Bees’. Female adults can be accused of doing the same. Often, you see a “gang up” like the Sharon Osbourne case. What about the bystanders? They can be ‘mean girls’ too. Emily Andrews sat with her lips pursed and even smirked when Vanessa Feltz levelled abuse at Angela Levin.

Charles Munger said that “The world is not driven by greed, it’s driven by envy”. This explains why commenters heard Emily Andrews whispering in the background before Feltz became a loose cannon, going on the attack, whilst Angela Levin looked stunned. Emily Andrews is not an innocent bystander either. It appeared she enjoyed the attack, in our view. How can you describe her facial expressions, which clearly showed on the video? This level of “glee” is just sinister. There isn’t any other word to describe it.

Vanessa Feltz Brash Hypocrisy Mean Girls
Integrity Matters Emily Andrews
Integrity Matters Emily Andrews
Integrity Matters Emily Andrews

Emily Andrews retweeted the segment to her Twitter followers.

Integrity Matters Vanessa Feltz
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