Ellie Hall BuzzFeed Misinformation

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Facts about Ellie Hall BuzzFeed Misinformation campaign

The Ellie Hall BuzzFeed misinformation campaign is a Meghan Markle “puff” piece, without providing any proof.

Ellie Hall BuzzFeed Misinformation

Dear Friends,

In her 13th January 2020 article, Ellie Hall compared 20 media headlines that were unfavourable towards Meghan Markle. She compared the same headlines to argue that the Duchess of Cambridge was receiving favourable coverage. Hall accused other media outlets of bias, claiming that these same headlines who were favourable to the Duchess, negatively reported on Markle. The only media outlet who is bias is Ellie Hall and BuzzFeed.

Ellie Hall has failed to create a PREMISE for her ARGUMENT. She did a shoddy job assembling “similar” not the same headlines, without proving her claims. In reading the articles and comparisons, the articles were written by different reporters, except one. With different cultural perspectives and styles. And written in different political/socio-economic climate. The articles are also current and did not go back far enough to when “Catherine Middleton” was at the receiving end of media criticisms. The articles are not even the same. In essence, Ellie Hall and BuzzFeed created a “Much a do about nothing” article for their own biased interests.

No “Apples to Apples comparison”

Instead of “fawning” over Meghan Markle, Ellie Hall should have done her research. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry didn’t “shockingly” step back. They wanted out. Yes, in essence the two of them said, “fuck you” to the United Kingdom and its citizens! Markle was accepted as a “breath of fresh air” when she arrived. Now, she is just foul.

Hall being American and working in Washington D.C. would not understand this at all. Like so many other Americans, Hall has no clue about the British Monarchy. The Press Rota is a foreign concept to Americans like Hall. She might as well join the ranks of the Republicans who want to get rid of the Monarchy. Ellie Hall is no “Royal” reporter. She is in good company with the likes of Omid Scobie and the Sussex Bots, then covering royal news.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) didn’t just shockingly “step back” as senior members of the royal family this week — they gave the UK media a big “fuck-you” for years of what they said was biased and unfair coverage.

Ellie Hall, BuzzFeed 13th January 2020

Ellie Hall BuzzFeed Misinformation: “Puff” piece

The nonsense that Meghan Markle is negatively reported on in the media whilst the Duchess of Cambridge is “sainted” for doing the same thing is utterly ridiculous and a stupid argument. At closer examination, the dates of these articles don’t go back far enough. The British press hounded Catherine Middleton in the early days. It took almost a decade for the Duchess of Cambridge to come into her own. It wasn’t an easy journey, but she garners more respect because she put in the work. Hall should have done better research, instead of putting out this “puff” piece.

Public opinions do change. Unlike Meghan Markle, Catherine Middleton was not seen as a “breath of fresh air.” She certainly was a different Royal bride of the future King. The British Monarchy changes with the times. Their acceptance of Markle and the glorious wedding provided to her is evidence that they wanted her in the family. Prince Charles walked her down the aisle. The Royals were also very welcoming of mum, Doria Ragland as she and Prince Charles exited St. George’s Chapel, arm-in-arm.

Prince Harry and Markle stated during the BBC interview at 16:19, “The family together have been absolutely solid support“. He said, Catherine’s been absolutely “amazing” to which Markle chipped in “amazing”, and Harry stated, “as well as William as well; fantastic support”. They also had a handful of teas and gatherings with Prince Charles. More importantly, HM The Queen broke royal protocol by inviting Meghan Markle to Sandringham for Christmas in 2017.

Meghan Markle had won over the British media during these early days. She just “fucked it up” because she was greedy, dishonest and hungry for the limelight. Most importantly, she ditched her dog, Bogart! What “kind” human being does that? She isn’t kind. She is opportunistic.

Ellie Hall BuzzFeed Misinformation: All about “Racism”

The Ellie Hall BuzzFeed misinformation campaign is nothing more than a Meghan Markle “puff” piece that screams “racism’, without any proof. Let’s not be deceived by the elephant in the room, “RACISM,” the mud that is flung by many Meghan Markle sycophants and the RABID fan base if anyone dares to negatively criticise her. It’s obvious where Hall was going with this “puff” piece. It’s official! Hall and BuzzFeed have joined the ranks of the “fangirl” media.

Harry and Meghan have said publicly that they believe they have been treated unfairly by the UK press since the moment news broke of their relationship — that they are bullied, that there are racist undertones to coverage of them, and that they have been held to a different standard than Harry’s brother and sister-in-law, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton).

Ellie Hall, BuzzFeed 13th January 2020

This “mindless” effort to scream “racism” in order to embolden Meghan Markle sycophancy has failed. For every article you could dig up on why Meghan Markle is so “unfairly” treated, there are plenty more on the Duchess of Cambridge, who had long been the target of similar criticisms, and much worse, and for MORE than a decade.

The media did not only go after “Catherine Middleton”. They went after her family, including sister Pippa and mum Carole. The ONLY difference we can gather is the amazing staying power of the Duchess of Cambridge. She, Prince William and their children ARE the future of the Monarchy, as seen on the Queen’s Christmas broadcast photo (below). The Queen made it “crystal.”

The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast photo 2019

Intellectual property – Sussex vs Cambridge

The Ellie Hall BuzzFeed misinformation campaign made a BIG DEAL about intellectual property rights. The difference being is how the Cambridges handled this process and what the Sussexes are doing now. It is NOT WRONG to protect your image for no monetary gain and if you read the process by the Cambridges, any person with half a brain would understand what they did. Profits would also go to charity.

The Sussexes on the other hand, are trademarking their names for future book deals, television rights and merchandising to earn money. THAT is the difference. When Prince Harry trademarked his name around the time of the Cambridges, not one cried fowl. But, together with this wife, Meghan Markle, they are looking for an INDEPENDENT means to earn money now that thankfully, the British taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill. They started the trademark process in 2019, which should give EVERYONE a clue and a “heads-up” to their motives as well as to their “mindset.”

Kate and William: “Creating their own companies will allow William and Kate to bring out, should they ever chose to, myriad items of officially-endorsed merchandise from tea towels to coffee cups… Kensington Palace officials said they were doing the ‘sensible thing’ in protecting the couple’s rights.” 

Daily Mail: Jan. 17, 2014

Meghan and Harry: “The Sussexes want to stamp their name on dozens of products including T-shirts, hoodies, journals and gloves for their newly-created foundation Sussex Royal… Experts said Harry and Meghan were actively preparing to quit the Royal Family months ago by filing trade mark applications to commercially protect their brand.” 

Daily Mail: Jan. 9, 2020

Meghan Markle’s Alligator tears

The Ellie Hall BuzzFeed misinformation “puff” piece makes a big deal about Meghan Markle’s claims about being bullied. Boohoohoohoohoo!

It’s ridiculous to imagine that a “fully” developed woman of 38 years would cry about being criticised by the British media stating that she knew it ‘wouldn’t be easy’ but that she thought ‘it would be fair.’ Notice she never mentioned “racism”. That claim is made by Ellie Hall. What is very telling about this statement is her lack of “celebrity.” Her sycophants want the world to believe she is this “successful” “Hollywood” starlet. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The world’s most famous celebrities all had their share of “criticism,” which allowed them to grow from the experience and many to develop a hard metal. Prince Charles had incorrectly nicknamed Markle “Tungsten.” She is more malleable, thus whining why she has it so tough. Her sycophants called the Duchess of Cambridge “work shy.” They got that all twisted. Meghan Markle quit, less than two years into the job! This woman of 38 years is less “developed” than we all think. She still has a lot of “growing up” to do. We wish her well — in Canada — far, far, far away from The Royal Family and British tax dollars!

The article Ellie Hall missed as she ‘fawned’