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Facts about Meghan Markle the cable actress

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Meghan Markle was a cable actress before she met and subsequently married Prince Harry. Don’t get her history twisted with false narrative. This is reality, not some fantasy spun by Markle herself, with the aid of her ‘fangirl’ media and equally RABID Sussex bots.

Suits (CanadianTelevision)

Dear Friends,

Another “Much A Do About Nothing” BROUHAHA is heating up the air waves. Meghan Markle’s RABID fans and their WOKE members are at it again blaming British Media for being “chiefly” responsible for the departure of the Sussexes. It appears in this ‘WOKE’ nation, no one takes any accountability or responsibility for their own actions. Blame it on ‘RACISM’ and blame the media, they whine!

I think we are ALL waiting for evidentiary facts of the RACIST media coverage on Meghan Markle. All they could produce was a BuzzFeed article with mundane mentions of Avocados, belly rubs and poisonous wedding bouquets. Here is the report we filed to highlight what Ellie Hall and BuzzFeed got wrong. These sycophants point to Canada and North America claiming the ‘respectability’ of their media. Obviously, these people have never lived in ‘Hollywood America’.

Meghan Markle was a “nobody” before she met Prince Harry

The fact is that Meghan Markle was a virtual “nobody” before she started dating Prince Harry. I have never heard of her at all until the November 2017 BBC interview [reposted]. She wasn’t even on my radar until a colleague pointed her out and said she was dating Prince Harry. My initial reaction was that I hope ‘Harry’ found a good woman. 

I have never watched Suits because it just wasn’t my cuppa tea. Crime dramas like Forensic Files and Criminal Minds interest me more. She appeared on a couple of Hallmark movies, one of which I viewed. Other than that, I just wasn’t interested at all in her personal or entertainment lives, until that infamous BBC interview.

The way I felt about her before the BBC interview was in line with what many media was thinking at the time. She just wasn’t a BIG DEAL. As a cable actress, she was not in the SAME calibre as Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. She was even less known than Lacey Chabert, a Hallmark Channel veteran, who consistently rates in the top 500 on IMDb.

Meghan Markle seeking fame and a British boyfriend

Meghan Markle’s RABID AND ‘WOKE’ sycophants can claim otherwise, but facts don’t lie. They can spin the story of this “successful” actress, but what has she done…REALLY? Here is a list of her filmography on IMDb. Meghan Markle can also thank her FIRST HUSBAND, Trevor Engelson for helping her secure some of these bit parts. Let’s not forget how she LIED to casting directors to get a small role and her SAG card. She laughed about it on video.

​Markle’s claim to fame is not even Suits, it’s her marriage to Prince Henry of Wales. Now she is using her new found ‘notoriety’ for personal gain. I guess the stories of her wanting to go to Britain to ‘bag a wealthy Brit’ is all coming to fruition.

Meghan Markle lied to casting directors to get a small part and SAG card.

A Murky Mucky Madam

Andrew Morton credits Thomas Markle Sr.

“Let’s not forget that, for ten years, her budding career as an actress was something of a failure. She was kind of, at 30, over the hill, in Hollywood terms, when she got this gig in Suits…The fact that she kept on going on, the fact that she went to all these rehearsals and auditions without the prospect of work showed that kind of determination that her father imbued in her and that has propelled her to where she is today.”

Meghan Markle Used Piers Morgan

‘She still wasn’t much more successful in Hollywood terms and was setting her sights on coming here to live if she could. She wanted it bad, and she did still want an English boyfriend.’ Meghan met with Piers Morgan and spent 90 minutes drinking at his local, the Scarsdale Tavern in Kensington. She asked his advice on the media and requested a favour — that she be interviewed on his breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, on her next visit to help raise her profile.

Meghan Markle was a cable actress

“This is harsh, but I never really thought of her as an actress before. I love her as a person, what she stands for. But did I really think of her [as an actress] before this whole thing? No. Her best bet would be to come back to Hollywood and make it as a personality rather than getting back to scripted roles. I personally didn’t think she had the chops.”

Casting Professionals, Slate 14th January 2020