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Here is the Fact: Bogart is still missing.

PageSix | 5-December-2017

Hey Meghan Markle, Where is Bogart?

Dear Friends,

One of the promises I made when I started down this road of uncovering Meghan Markle’s “hypocrisy”, was to keep shining the light on Bogart. The lovable mixed breed dog was dumped by Markle, so she could become Princess Diana 2.0. Of course she could not achieve her grandiose delusion because after all, Meghan Markle is NO Princess Diana — far from it.

Here where countless Aussie animals are losing their homes, Markle is complaining about paparazzi in Canada camped outside their Vancouver Island home. Once again the ‘former’ royals are threatening to sue the media. The most recent photos of her walking Guy and a mysterious black dog were taken in public. Will Markle sue everyone who takes pictures of her in public?

There were no reports of Markle reconnecting with Bogart either. Is Bogart alive? Is Bogart dead? No one knows. What we do know, having worked with animal adoption, “abandoned” animals are not “thriving”.

Meghan Markle is Privileged and definitely Clueless

A recent post on the ‘former’ royals’ Instagram feed, is a picture of Markle (below) during a visit to Mayhew, an Animal Welfare Charity in London. It appears quite ‘ironic’ that Markle was appointed Patron of an animal welfare charity where they re-home dogs and cats. Let’s not forget how she dumped her mixed breed dog, Bogart in Canada BUT brought her purebred beagle, Guy, instead. Markle is NO PATRON of animals — far from it. Markle is a patron of Meghan Markle!

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