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Facts why Jerome Adams is Failing Upwards

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Jerome Adams is failing upwards as the U.S. Surgeon General. Here is why.

Dear Friends,

Nothing infuriates me more than ‘highly’ educated people who achieved their positions by currying favours and not because of their intelligence, common sense or experience. 

Remember when President George W. Bush put Mike Brown in charge of FEMA to head Katrina Hurricane relief efforts. Or President Trump appointing Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)? Mr. Carson was confused by ‘OREOES‘ during a recent congressional hearing!

Jerome Adams was the Health Commissioner of Indiana, where Mike Pence was Governor. He stepped into his new role as U.S. Surgeon General the same day he left his previous position.

Jerome Adams is Failing Upwards as U.S. Surgeon General

The JOB of the U.S. Surgeon General is to advise the President and the Administration on matters concerning the well being and health of the American people, especially in a time of crisis. They should also provide clear communications and directives for the benefit of all citizens. Jerome Adams did none of this. He went from low to high tempo, spewing useless, and often INCORRECT information, whilst ‘parroting’ the Trump Administration. And yes, the Trump Administration did make mistakes.

The Flu vs Coronavirus

The U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams was widely quoted as saying that the flu was more deadly than the Coronavirus. He also chastised American citizens for buying masks to protect themselves. These were not American hoarders, but concerned citizens. Now, Jerome Adams is telling all Americans that the next week is going to be a Pearl Harbour moment. Which is it? His message has been inconsistent from the beginning.

This Tweet on 01-February-20 was also deleted

Jerome Adams is Failing Upwards with his conflicting messages

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New York Times Archive | 17-March-20

Jerome Adams Dazed and Confused

In a taped conversation with CNN’s Jake Tapper, posted 8th March 2020, the Surgeon General was asked direct questions including the number of Covid-19 tests that had been administered in the U.S. Please take special note of 08:13, where Mr. Adams states there were ‘75,000 tests available right now’ and by ‘early next week, tomorrow, we should have OVER 2 million tests.’ BUT why stop there? He continues ramping up that number to ‘OVER 4 million tests by the end of the week.’ He continued to parrot that ‘anyone who needed a test could get one from their health care provider,’ which turned out to be FALSE. The reality is that the testing shortage for those that needed it continued throughout the month of March, leading into April 2020.

CNN | 08-March-20 | Tapper presses surgeon general: You can’t even give me a yes or no answer?

Jerome Adams Misleading Covid Information

Jerome Adams spread misinformation in order to support his ‘theory’ that Covid-19 was like the flu. He linked the Editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine to his tweet on 29th February and claimed it was proof.

Unfortunately for Mr. Adams, he failed to read the WHOLE Editorial where it also mentioned that this Novel Coronavirus has the potential for “increased infectivity during the period of minimal symptoms.” It also has a reproduction number of 2.2 which means for every infected person, they in turn infect two people. 

Mr. Adams must have forgotten to read where “social distancing” was advocated to mitigate the infection in the United States, If they could not contain the virus. Here is the full Editorial. 

Jerome Adams has also taken information out of context. The Editorial does not say that the fatality rate is less than 1%, it states, “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases…” Unfortunately, we know that majority of the deaths were attributed to ‘pre-existing’ conditions.

This tweet is misleading

How to Keep Safe and Healthy

Since Jerome Adams doesn’t have a clue what to do, we listed our own safety and health guidance.

1. Maintain a health and wellness regiment. This includes nutrients to fuel your body including fruits, vegetables and protein. Supplements such as Vitamin D3 can play an important role, especially due to lack of daily sunshine indoors. Exercise and meditation can help boost your immune system and mental health.

2. Mask and glove up when shopping for essentials. Consider shopping for two weeks to 30 days supply, depending on your pantry space and refrigeration capacity. Use a list when shopping so you can quickly obtain what you need and avoid lingering within a confine space. Please take additional safety measures.

3. Washing your hands vs. Hand sanitiser. Here is the reason why you need to wash your hand for at least 20 seconds, which is the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday.” Research had shown that washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is effective in killing the virus. Take an extra 10 seconds, if you wish. For this same reason, we are also suggesting using the hand sanitiser for the same length of time as washing with soap and water. It is better to be over-prepared than under prepared. Use a hand sanitiser when wearing gloves. The reason we are suggesting using a hand sanitiser when wearing gloves is that the over use of hand sanitiser on skin may create a resistance and even kill good bacteria. Hand sanitiser should be used as a last resort, if soap and water are not available.

A very important reminder

4. Avoid touching your face. The virus is an opportunist. This means it will try to access your system through several passages. These include the eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t be deceived by the “new” reports that the CDC “just” figured out that spit and aerosol from talking can also spread the virus. Of course they can! This is NOT a new concept. For this reason, the CDC, WHO and even the U.S. Surgeon General should have been actively promoting masks from the start.