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The Coronavirus bootcamp is a guide to thriving Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, including important health news and current events. Gabrielle Bourne Media believes that amnesty is an excuse for not taking responsibility and accountability for their own actions. Just like Fauci, they want to come out ‘blameless’. Except they can’t. Draconian lock downs ruined the small business landscape. Covid vaccine mandates limited personal freedoms. Full stop. For the rest of humanity, this is a wake up call. PREPARE. Be on the ready for whatever comes down the pipeline. Organise and fortify your household, office and businesses. Importantly, this is not a drill.

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Happiness is a Habit!

Aristotle believed that ‘happiness’ was NOT a ‘state’ but an ‘activity.’ Thus ‘Happiness is a Habit’. We can achieve happiness by doing. In other words, developing skills and applying them. But those skill sets should be up to par with the task at hand.

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Harvesting Abundance

This delicious cultured beverage is easier to produce than you think. In the coming weeks, we will provide some recipes and how to start producing Kombucha from scratch.