Harvesting Abundance

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Defender in Chief

Coronavirus: Gardening to Kombucha

Let’s talk Abundant living and Thriving. In this segment, we will discuss how we created the Coronavirus: Gardening to Kombucha lifestyle. Despite the calamities that fell upon the world populace in 2020, including a global pandemic and social unrest, people are still thriving because they are not held back by ‘VICTIMHOOD.’

BLM Inc. told blacks, browns and other POC that they were not ‘worthy’. Democratic noise maker ‘AOC’ from New York condoned theft because people couldn’t pay their rent. So in other words, steal or pay rent? She supported the BLM looting and riots. She stood by whilst communities burned down and small businesses were destroyed. It’s just another backwards thinking and nonsense by the left. Don’t follow the footsteps of ‘VICTIMHOOD’ and definitely don’t listen to the negative forces of BLM Inc, AOC or the race baiters on CNN.

Have they used their millions to help the black and brown communities? Absolutely not. Has AOC used any of the monies she raised to help the Hispanic, black and brown communities in New York? NO. Has Don Lemon, who called out Hollywood done anything for black or brown communities in New York, where he lives in a million dollar property? NO. 

Never be used by people who have done you no favours or FAILED to support your communities. Don’t be foot soldiers to be sacrificed for these IDIOTS who are ‘gaslighting’ you.

The Knight in all of us

Instead, ‘change your stars’ which was a prominent through line in A Knight’s Tale, one of the films where I was on set. Films had changed my life as a young lass growing up, so the news of Olivia de Havilland’s passing this past weekend was particularly difficult. We are losing our greatest ‘stars.’ and Ms. de Havilland was one of my favourites! Whilst I hated Gone with the Wind as a film, The Heiress was on my top 10 list since the age of 8 years old.

A Knight’s Tale is the story about a young squire who takes his deceased master’s place to win a jousting tournament. The issue the squire faced was the fact that only high borns or nobility were allowed to compete in these tournaments. The squire was born without such pedigree. Yet, he was able to ‘change his stars’ through perseverance and working toward that goal. He applied himself, maintained his focus and never gave up when others told him to end this ‘foolish’ quest.

13-November-2013 | Carly Rawr | A KNIGHT’S TALE – A man can change his stars

The Genetic Lottery

Warren Buffett is famous for saying that he won the ‘genetic lottery’ because he was born a white male in America. A lot has changed since 1930! There are MORE opportunities and blacks, browns, Hispanics and Asians have risen to great heights in the film and music industries, as well as business and the corporate worlds. Barack Obama was the first black President of the United States and he was elected twice to the highest office in that land.

Get Out of the ‘Poorness’ business

AOC from New York is absolutely stupid crazy. You shouldn’t commit a crime to feed yourself. You just need to get out of the ‘POORNESS’ business. Welfare and unemployment are there for ’emergencies’ not free money to be lazy. Rent should be paid on time whether you have income coming in or not because it’s about taking responsibility and accountability for your own actions. Landlords depend on rent to pay their own expenses too. We have all seen the ridiculous calls to CANCEL RENT. We all remember AOC’s unhinged rant that made ZERO sense. This is another showcase of VICTIMHOOD. And it looks like AOC is leading the charge with her nonsensical circular argument.

Personally, I think people have ‘regressed’ in the western world. I am talking about all of western civilisation, specifically in the U.S. Blacks and browns are being brainwashed that they are VICTIMS of some oppressed state. Where? Don’t they have Affirmative Action, Black History month, the first black President of the United States, and Beyonce?

Whites have joined the protest because it probably was the first time they got out since the Coronavirus lockdown. FREEDOM! LOL! Here in Aussie the courts ruled against mass protests and in the U.S. the cities like Portland are burning and having a dance party in the streets with hardly any masks in sight, in close quarters with spit flying everywhere, I am sure. 

Stop the ‘Victimhood’

The world has gone bonkers with the obesity epidemic rising as people binge on junk food, live in a ‘fake universe’ like Twitter, capture “Karens” in the act and think looting, rioting and burning down communities is ‘social justice.’ Meanwhile the rest of us who love our FREEDOMS are carving out lifestyles that DOESN’T include government intervention or a welfare system to sustain us. We are doing it all by ourselves.

In order to be truly FREE, you have to STOP depending on government intervention. You have to STOP being a victim. You have to START being accountable and responsible for yourselves. Back in January, the TEAM members had a POWOW to discuss the upcoming Covid-19 planning. Yes, we were ready whilst the most powerful countries in the world, the U.S. and the U.K., in particular, were not.

Chrissy Teigen is a Hypocrite Virtue signaller

GBM has two main warehouses and five satellite depots for essentials we have been stock piling since 2001. We still support GOYA unlike ‘hypocrite’ Chrissy Teigen. Unfortunately fresh food items like vegetables could not be stock piled for long durations. Pickling made sense as well as growing our own sustainable gardens. Not everyone has land, but it’s amazing what can grow in a cramped flat in London, New York, Macau or even Queensland. 

Coronavirus: Gardening to Kombucha Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Chrissy Teigen'

Coronavirus: Gardening to Kombucha lifestyle

Covid-19 spread occurs mostly in closed quarters. We learned this from the abstract reports out of China. Therefore, we decided that eating out was not a viable option as conditions such as air flow and circulation would come into play. TEAM members were allowed to tap into the warehouses and depots for supplemental supplies. Seeds were purchased and even growing vegetables from scraps were experimental. This was the beginning of the Coronavirus: Gardening to Kombucha lifestyle.

Scraps can be grown from existing vegetables such as spring onions or lettuce. The organic variety are the best. This can also be achieved by using organic fertilised soil. Below are the images of the spring onions grown from scratch. The original version purchased at an organic market grew to an amazing specimen within two months. I cut two inches at the head and transplanted it into composted and fertilised soil. The little stem peaking from the bottom of the picture is my second attempt to reproduce spring onion from the first successful stalk scrap.

I repeated the process with store bought lettuce by cutting two inches at the head and transplanting it in enriched composted and fertilised soil. Within 2 weeks, new lettuce (image below) grew from the scraps that were transplanted. In addition to vegetables, the TEAM planted herbs such as parsley, rosemary, thymes and mint. The use of organic fertilised soil produced organic vegetables and herbs.

Challenges and Solutions

A challenge in maintaining our warehouses and depots was the fact we could not keep eggs or other dairy products because of spoilage. So, we came up with a solution.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Coronavirus'

In 2020, many of us with land decided to raise chickens. With the exception of Annika, none of us knew how to raise chickens, so through her we learned what was required. Chickens are communal animals so having two or more was advantageous for the ‘flock.’ My two chickens produced a dozen eggs a week. So, I decided to add five more to the flock. My flock did not disappoint and I had enough to share with family and friends.

TEAM members within close proximity were also treated to fresh eggs whenever they needed them. In addition, through our partnership with local farmers, we learned to make crèam fraiche, a creamier version of sour cream, using vinegar and double cream or full fat yoghurt and double cream placed in a mason jar in a warm environment for at least 24 hours. YUM!

Coronavirus: Gardening to Kombucha bottling

We are now Kombucha bottlers too! This delicious cultured beverage is easier to produce than you think. In the coming weeks, we will provide some recipes and how to start producing Kombucha from scratch. If you are all ready signed up, you will receive our quarterly Thrive guide. Our Coronavirus: Gardening to Kombucha lifestyle was complete.

Whilst the world is going stir crazy with the Coronavirus lockdowns, the TEAM has been thriving and saving at the same time. When you don’t need to eat out, and can grow your own vegetables and herbs, produce fresh eggs and cultured Kombucha, your mind definitely improves, in addition to your physical health. TEAM members have reported losing weight and feeling far more healthier now than they did pre-pandemic lockdowns. Some went beyond and started making their own breads and pasta.

Building Connections

Community is extremely important for the soul. Most all of us had leaned-off social media, some even closing their accounts. Instead of being on a ‘fake universe’ like Twitter, we chat regularly through our proprietary video conferencing system. We felt Zoom posed too many security issues. What we all agreed on is this, that what we started in January is now a lifestyle and we plan to keep it going even when the lock downs lift. Now that the world has turned topsy-turvy, it is more important now than ever to be self-reliant. Because happiness is a habit!

~ Defender-in-Chief