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*New* Tom Bower ‘Revenge’ revelation. Meghan Markle BBC Interview – Reprinted from 13 July 2020; November  2017 | THE MINX REPORT | December 2017  | THE SPOTLIGHT | July 2018 

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In Tom Bower’s book, “Revenge” which dropped in the UK on 21st July 2022, makes the claim that Markle wanted her wedding dress to resemble Carolyn Bessette who married John F. Kennedy, Jr. Bessette died in a plane crash on 16th July 1999, along with her husband and sister, Lauren. Despite this revelation. Meghan Markle’s wedding dress bears no resemblance to Carolyn Bessette.

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Meghan Markle’s BBC interview left more questions

Gabrielle Bourne Media had never covered Meghan Markle until May 2018. That’s because we don’t cover the love affairs of the British Royal Family. That is not what we do. This changed, of course in November 2017. During a TEAM PowWow in Queensland, we decided to review the Meghan Markle BBC engagement interview with Prince Henry of Wales.

A week after it aired, one of our Republican mates sent us the tape for detailed analysis. Most of us reviewing the clip were Royalists. Many of our forebears even protected The Crown. Now the next generations were either reviewing history in the making or disaster waiting to happen. We concluded the latter was imminent.

The Minx Report and genesis of Meghan Markle Confidential

Our detailed analysis made the rounds in The Minx Report in December 2017 and originally publicised in The Spotlight in July 2018. Meghan Markle Confidential followed on 13th July 2018, with subsequent updates. It was the most requested blog submission in 2018!

The most damning sign was Markle’s dislike for her engagement ring which was designed by Prince Harry. She hated it so much, she changed the total design. But the new design looked very similar to her first engagement ring from her marriage to Trevor Engelson. Well we all know how she sent those wedding bands back to Trevor via post!

Her behaviour was so appalling, we nicknamed her “Callous Markle”. We subsequently set up two separate reports, The Nebulous Duchess and The Minx Report online, leading up to the wedding in May 2018. We included snippets from Meghan Markle BBC interview. The Defender-in-Chief followed up the wedding with a report expressing concern about Prince Harry’s choice in wife. In the report, The Hon. DIC stated, I just can’t shake the fact he picked the ‘wrong’ wife”. 

FULL Interview: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 27-November-2017

Meghan Markle BBC Interview – What it Unmasked

The new ‘tell all’ book, ‘Finding Freedom’ co-authored by 39 year old (not 33 year old) Omid Scobie of the Sussex Squad and Carolyn Durand, blows the lid off this FAKE Meghan Markle BBC interview. We said it was HER interview because this was the fIrst public impression. GBM knew the engagement was much earlier than Harry claimed. We also knew that Markle was notorious for working with the press. Markle was a cable actress with limited acting credits. She was not well known even in Toronto circles.

The outrageous lie Harry and Meghan told in ‘Finding Freedom’ comes at 16:19. Harry is asked about the introduction of Markle to his father and brother. Harry starts by saying, “it was exciting!” He continued with “Catherine has been absolutely amazing” and Markle chimed in “wonderful.” Harry stated that “William was fantastic support.” He goes on to say that the “Family, together had been absolutely solid support.” Harry and Markle trashed William and Catherine in the book version of their ‘fantasy.’

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Tom Bower’s ‘Revenge’ Revelation: “The Proposal”

In Tom Bower’s book which dropped in the UK on 21st July 2022, he makes the claim that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became engaged shortly BEFORE the Vanity Fair cover shoot and interview (September) for the October 2017 publication. This confirmed our investigation that they were engaged much earlier and kept this secret from the Palace.

However, during their joint BBC interview on 27th November 2017, the couple had difficulty explaining the when and how of their engagement story. Harry visibly bit his lower lip and refused to make direct eye contact with the interviewer. He watched as Markle explained away the ‘setting’ that led to the proposal.

04:00 Interviewer: “Can we start with the proposal and the actual moment of your engagement? When did it happen? How did it happen?”
Problem: Markle looks at Harry. Pause. Harry stated it happened a “few weeks ago” then continued with, “earlier this month”. They were in their cottage and apparently roasting chicken when the proposal happened.

Meghan Markle’s lies about not knowing anything about Prince Harry

2:51 Meghan on Prince Harry : I didn’t know much about him.
Problem: Reports surfaced in 2019 that she wanted to “bag” a wealthy Brit and was actively recruiting British friends for help. In addition, this “social media savvy” user knows how to use the internet and technology and is notorious for researching people, places and things. Addendum (19-July-2020) – Reference – The Minx Report – section: Even Pinocchio has a longer nose than Markle’s “Humanitarian” record. That’s because both lie, although Markle should know better. Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne of Kruger Cowne already debunked this by stating that Markle had ‘Googled’ Prince Harry BEFOREHAND.

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2:57 Meghan: Was he nice?
Problem: People going on “blind” dates would want to know more than if he’s nice. During Markle’s very short stint as a member of the Royal Family, it was revealed by staff that she kept copious notes and briefs on everything.

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Meghan Markle has never been a TEAM player or an Humanitarian

08:45 Prince Harry: She’s an “added member” of the family – another “team player.”
Problem: She has not been a team player since day one, with reports of 5am emails to staff, demands and “What Meghan wants, she gets” attitude. This eventually led to a ‘splitting’ from Kensington Palace in November 2018.

09:27 Prince Harry: The fact I know she will be unbelievably good at “the job” – almost a huge relief to me.
Problem: She quit the job less two years in, just like all her other charity engagements and involvements, SHORT LIVED. Facts don’t lie. Addendum (19/07/2020) – Reference – The Minx Report – section: Even Pinocchio has a longer nose than Markle’s “Humanitarian” record. That’s because Markle was a PR spokesperson. Gina and Kruger Cowne gave Markle her ‘greatest gigs’ as a launching pad for her ‘self-proclaimed humanitarian’ record.

Despite media ‘fawning,’ Markle actually had a very very very short charity work history as a PR spokesperson, before she married into the British Royal Family. Gigs such as One Young World conference and U.N. Women, where Markle was ‘largely’ credited for her ‘humanitarian’ work by the ‘fawning’ media was ALL the doings of Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne and Kruger Cowne. Gina had also reflected on Markle’s ‘Prima donna’ attitude three years before the palace and the others corroborated this.

In 2020, the statements made by Samatha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr., and even Mr. Thomas Markle Sr. came true. They were previously seen as interlopers and vilified by the press and public. GBM was one of their early supporters and provided coverage for them.

Meghan Markle lied about Suits – She had nothing else lined up

10:17 Meghan Markle talks about ‘transition,’ out of the career but into the role, wants to focus more energy on causes ‘important to her.’
Problem: Listen carefully to what she said. She believed that by marrying Prince Harry and being part of the Royal Family would give her a greater platform for the ’causes’ that was important to her and not how she could ‘cohesively’ FIT into the existing culture and help promote the Queen and The Commonwealth.

11:29 Meghan on Suits 100 episode, she states: “And for me once we hit the 100 episode marker, I thought you know what, I’ve ticked that box.” She then looked at Prince Harry and said, “Work as a team with you.” 
Problem: The Creator, Aaron Korsh wrote her off the show a year before in 2016. Korsh makes the statement in the video (VIEW BELOW).

Meghan Markle will do and say anything to be validated

12:48 Prince Harry warns Meghan: What you are letting yourself in for is a big deal. 
Problem: Markle has a history of quitting her ‘responsibilities,’ so watch this one closely. Her ‘itch’ usually arrives around two years. Meghan knew what she was getting herself into and QUIT her husband’s family less than two years after her wedding in May 2018. The clue here is Prince Harry revealed during the interview that they had spoken about the role and what that entailed to ensure she understood that it was a big deal, and to give her a chance to back out.

Markle ended up NOT being a very good “team player” or a dependable addition to the family. Addendum (19-July-2020). It was widely circulated that Markle felt ‘unprotected’ by the Royal Family, although her claims contradicted the efforts the Royal Family made to welcome her into the family. One only has to look at her history of abruptly ending relationships in callous ways, her ‘ghosting’ of people who helped her along the way and how she treated her father and the rest of her biological family, including her uncle Mike who helped secure her internship in Argentina. He too wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Meghan Markles weaves a “fantasy”

15:16 Interviewer: Have you met the Queen?
Problem: (Addendum 13-July-2020) Albeit Markle says, “she’s an incredible” woman and spoke highly of the Queen, both she and ‘Harry’ trashed The Commonwealth in a recent video with youth members of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which bodes to her insincerity. 

16:00 Interviewer: Speaking of dogs, have you brought yours?
Problem: She dumped Bogart, the mix breed, brought Guy the pure breed but heard nothing about how BOTH were doing since this interview. Addendum (13-July-2020) – Markle was never seen with Bogart when she and Harry moved to Canada after the Royal split, so we have no clue what happened to Bogart, the loveable mutt she rescued and abandoned.

16:19 Interviewer: What was it like introducing Meghan to your father and brother? 
Problem: Prince Harry and Meghan’s words don’t match their actions. During the interview, Prince Harry says it was “exciting” and continues to say, Catherine’s been absolutely “amazing”. Markle chimed in with “wonderful”. He also credits his brother, William.  He continues to say they provided “fantastic support”. More praise, “The family together have been absolutely solid support”. “My grandparents as well…the whole family has come together”. Markle chimed in “They have been amazing”.

The ungrateful pair went on to trash the WHOLE Royal family. Read our Rebuttal (08-March-2021)

18:12 Meghan on family: He talked to my dad a “few” times.
Problem: The whole world knows how she and Prince Harry treated Mr. Markle. Don’t blame the dad. Prince Harry never made the trip to Mexico to visit with Mr. Markle, albeit he made time to visit Los Angeles to see Doria Ragland.

Meghan Markle doesn’t show any interest in the design

18:22 Interviewer on Meghan’s ring: Harry explains the design and tribute to his mum.
Problem: He gave the ring to someone who did not appreciate the “design”.

18:47 Meghan on the ring: “He designed it and it’s beautiful…It’s incredible” 
Problem: She was so appreciative that she changed the whole band design of the ring! Now, it looks “eerily” similar to her first engagement ring from Trevor Engelson. Well, at least she kept the diamonds! 

Meghan Markle BBC Interview – BIG LIE on Suits

~ Entertainment Tonight 29-November-2017

Q: When is an omission a lie?

A: When it alters the outcome and perception.

Meghan Markle Sussex can’t remember or keep her story straight. Her interview where certain “facts” were supposed to be forthcoming was muddled with “half truths” and omissions all together. During the engagement interview at 11:29, Markle claimed that once she hit the 100 episode she ‘ticked that box’, after seven years on Suits.

The problem is that she failed to mention that the Creator, Aaron Korsh had already written her off a year before in 2016. The 100 episode of Suits wrapped on 11th July 2017 and aired on 30th August 2017, so Markle already knew she was going to be ‘written off one year before the 100th episode.

Why is this omission important? Because Markle’s “spin” gave the perception that it was HER decision to leave the show, which was false.

The 100th episode is an important milestone for television shows because of syndication rights. Markle will be paid a residual (or repeat fees) each time the show airs in syndication. She will have some tax concerns with the IRS as an U.S. citizen, albeit she now lives in the U.K. If she maintains dual citizenship, she will continue to pay the IRS above the legal monetary threshold. When she gives up her U.S. citizenship, she will lose her U.S. “value” and will have to re-apply as a first time applicant, when she decides to return to the U.S.

Based on our evaluation and detailed analysis, it is doubtful Markle will give up her U.S. citizenship. We believe she won’t become a British citizen either (The Minx Report, December 2017)

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Meghan Markle BBC Interview: Ring redesign 2019 vs 2011

The Sun | 27-November-2021
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Meghan Markle'
Meghan Markle first engagement ring (from Trevor Engelson) during Beverly Hills event in October 2011 | GETTY IMAGES

Meghan Markle & Trevor Engelson

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Meghan Markle'