Meghan Markle ditched her dog

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The mysterious disappearance of Bogart

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Bogart has been missing over 3 years and no one has seen him.

Meghan Markle ditched her dog! Surely Bogart deserved better! Consequently, Bogart never crossed the pond. Thus separated from the only parent he knew. Moreover, Bogart was in the prime of life. According to a Buzz Feed questionnaire Markle did in 2013, Bogart was 9 months old. That would mean, according to today’s age, he would be almost 7 years old! So she dumped Bogart when he was 5 years old, just before she moved to the UK. How callous! On the other hand, Guy, the purebred, is older than Bogart by one or two years.

Meghan Markle ditched her dog but not newsworthy

The main stream media is doing a bad job. They continue to report FAKE news, whilst ignoring the truth. For instance, they completely missed how Markle ignored racism at her alma mater. But, they reported the FAKE news of her commencement speech. In regards to Bogart, they did the very same thing. Thus giving Markle a pass for abandoning her dog, whilst giving her glowing reviews as a ‘Breath of fresh air’.

Markle ditched Bogart but steps out with new dog

Markle was seen at a public park in Canada with two dogs. No Bogart. Whilst Guy the Beagle made the move to the UK, ‘Pula’ the black Lab was a new addition. The name Pula is ironic on two fronts. First, it’s the name of the currency in Botswana. Secondly, it’s suppose to have a ‘special meaning’ to Markle and Prince Harry. Well, they must of had money 🤑 on their minds at the time of naming.

More stories about Bogart

Bogart disappeared without a thought or care. But we will not let go of his story or his voice! Markle was a woman of means. She chose to value her own existence, fame and ‘fortune’ instead of her dog. We have included two archive files. Markle’s “Fake News” and PR spin claimed that Bogart was too old to travel. But Markle, the worst kind of ‘social climber’, unceremoniously ‘abandoned’ Bogart for GREED and a Prince.

Bogart was three years old at the time of Markle’s interview with Best Health on May 2016. The article was updated on 28th November 2017. Guy was older than Bogart.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Meghan Markle'
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Meghan Markle'

The REAL reason Meghan Markle ‘abandoned’ Bogart?

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