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Why Meghan Markle is the Nebulous Duchess

Contributors: Annika | Lisa Choi | Sabina Guthridge

Editors Note (29-July-2020) — Meghan Markle is Nebulous but the Moniker was changed to “DUCHESS MEGXIT” in 2020 to honour the “Pre-tense Royal Narcissist” who decided to go back to America!

Dear Friends,

I preface by stating, I do not trust this “NEBULOUS DUCHESS”.

IF you landed on this page out of “curiosity” and are a FAN of Meghan Markle-Sussex, then you might not agree with this reporting. If you call this page “trash” and “hatred,” then you are not ‘MENTALLY-EQUIPPED’ to handle arguments that differ from your own.

This page was created because many in the media are still “away with the fairies”.  We offer the opposing viewpoint. I do find it interesting that those that offer opposing viewpoints are  “vilified” on social media, which does say “something” about the rabid fan base.

Meghan Markle’s “three-card monte” trick

As we continue our research, set up interviews, investigate claims, follow up on leads and sources, we are discovering there are many MORE people who are suspicious of Meghan Markle than support her. Clearly social media is no barometer of TRUTH. (18-June-2018).

I do not make judgments based on people’s looks, albeit there is a higher expectation for “Royal” peerage. I make them based on their actions and their words.

As a society, we fail to see beyond the “superficial.” We have this “halo-effect” around certain people that makes us blind and indifferent to what is right in front of us. I believe she is playing a three-card monte on us. She distracts us to look elsewhere — ‘Hey here I am an humanitarian and feminist’ — so that we forget she just traded these values in for a “gilded cage.”

Personally, I felt strange that the ONLY family she had at her wedding was her mum, who looked fabulous, by the by. Whilst her family antics would give anyone “heart burn,” they are still family and part of her roots.

Meghan Markle erased her own history

It is interesting that she dumped her early LA connections for the celebrity and the clothes, shoes and accessories that she could only dream of owning as a “starving actress.” Her one long term friend, Lindsay Jill Roth, a Northwestern University mate, attended her wedding. But most of the “friends” she acquired, interestingly, are “celebrities” and “socialites.” At least HRH The Duchess of Cambridge invited the immigrant grocers from her village to be included as wedding guests.

The ex-husband, whom she dumped, gave her bit parts in his films when she was a total unknown in the world of entertainment. Once she acquired her new found fame on ‘Suits,” she said good-bye to Trevor in the most callus of ways. She returned her marriage bands via certified post! She also said “good bye” to childhood friend, Ninaki Priddy, pictured with her in front of Buckingham Palace during their UK trip. Priddy was her maid of honour at the first wedding.

Her “Royal biography” mentioned her internship at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She acquired that position through her uncle who was a retired U.S. Diplomat. He was also not invited to the wedding. Do you see a pattern here? This Nebulous Duchess, it appears, does not want to remember her roots or to thank those who helped her along the way.

Could anyone be THIS “cold” and “callous?” It was obvious to us that Meghan Markle was “erasing” her history prior to her marriage. including denying knowing her own half brother, stating: ‘That’s distant family and I don’t know those people.’ (09-June-2020).

Prince Harry picked the ‘wrong’ wife

I truly wish the best for HRH The Duke of Sussex. He deserves such happiness. He grew up into a fine man doing good in the world and lifting the stigma of mental illness. I just can’t shake the fact he picked the “wrong” wife.