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Why is Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully and not just a bully? The answer shocked even us. Her buddy, Lindsey Bloom would approve. Bullies and Racists flock together.

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The Facts about Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully

Dear Friends,

We live in a world that is divided by politics, religion, race, sexual orientation and gender. Even people with disabilities are attacked for being who they are — people. Nowhere are the attacks more vicious than on social media. For this reason, we limit our scope online.

Social Media and Twitter

Since opening the Twitter account in 2008, I lived a relatively peaceful existence. I am on Facebook too, but use Twitter more because it is easier, in my opinion, to connect and less cumbersome than Facebook. Twitter is my “Go to” social medium. It was not until the last six months where I became more involved on social media with the issues plaguing our country.

Politics is a strange bed fellow because it divides families and even best of friends. I always strive to stay in the middle as much as possible, but at times, I too have stepped out of bounds and tweeted how I felt. Why not? This is the United States. Even in Canada and Britain, you are allowed ‘freedom of expression’. In the United States they have the First Amendment. However, you cannot hide behind any ‘freedoms’ when you are a racist bully.

Unfortunately, voicing your opinion about an issue or someone who is a public figure can get quite heated. I have been the brunt of many comments, BUT I took things in stride, never ruffled, but always respectful. It is in the spirit of respectability that I allow ALL voices to enter my Twitter feeds. I don’t care if you love Donald Trump or hate him; or you are Republican or Democrat. What I do care about is ‘language’ and ‘intent’.

Anti-bullying Campaign

Today, we launched our Anti-bullying campaign. I did so because I was moved by one Twitter user’s account of what happened to her for expressing her ‘opinion’ about a particular subject she was passionate about. She is also a blue star daughter. Her father is a Veteran and we in the military support each other. We also don’t take lightly the veil racism that comes from a bigot.

The twitter BULLY, Suzanne Soto, we discovered work in communications of all jobs, for Deloitte Canada. It really amazes us that people who should know their place in the respectability order are some of the most vicious, not only attacking the tweets, but also the person.

Therefore, we start with Suzanne Soto, our ‘poster BULLY’ and will add more as we continue this campaign.

Suzanne Soto hides behind ‘New’ Twitter profile

Here are two examples of before and after pictures and descriptions. Bullies believe that by hiding behind an image, they can continue to harass, even if it is a 16 year old kid.

Suzanne Soto is a Racist Bully

Suzanne Soto, an employee with Deloitte Canada, attacked Rachel Salinger, a 16 year old Twitter user and ‘Blue Star’ daughter on 8th July 2018. Rachel is bi-racial. Her father is African American and her mother is Caucasian of British heritage. Since the attacks, Rachel locked her Twitter account. Previous to locking her Twitter, Rachel made known her heritage to her followers. It was not a secret. Soto used that to send her a ‘laughing’ monkey gif. That’s why Suzanne Soto is a Racist Bully.

Suzanne Trolled a 16 year old

Rachel, like any other Twitter user was expressing her views about Meghan Markle’s British accent and her pronunciation of the word “scones”. It was a very mundane conversation with other Twitter users. Whilst there are variations of pronunciation, Rachel pointed out she was taught to pronounce it in the correct form to rhyme with “gone” not “bone”. She said that was how Meghan also pronounced it.

Here is how Suzanne Soto responded.

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Suzanne Soto Ridiculed the USO Tour

Suzanne continued to harangued the 16 year old. She deleted the vile tweets after another Twitter user, Camilla Beckman copied Soto’s employer, Deloitte Canada. In the original tweets, Suzanne joked and ridiculed Rachel for her USO Tour. Suzanne wasn’t there for a conversation. She was there to interject her vile views. Rachel continued to take the high road and told Suzanne Soto that she had a good time meeting the men and women who made America great. 

Suzanne Soto Racist Bully used Racial imagery

Suzanne continued to make derogatory comments and referred to Rachel as ‘girl’. It’s important to repeat that Rachel is bi-racial, a fact she shared with her followers. Her father is African American and her mother is caucasian of British heritage. Suzanne also sent Rachel a laughing monkey gif.

Racists use words like “girl” and “boy” in derogatory ‘double-speak’ to mean something completely different. Suzanne Soto is a white woman. Additionally, the ‘monkey’ imagery has a strong racial connotation when used in certain context. Make no mistake. Suzanne Soto was deliberate in her meaning. Rachel, on the other hand, did not take the bait.

Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully
Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully

Suzanne Soto gets Challenged

Suzanne Soto deleted her tweets because she did not want her employer, Deloitte Canada to see them. Here are tweets by Camilla Beckman who referenced the two derogatory comment and imagery sent to Rachel by Soto.

Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully
Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully

Bullies prefer the Dark

Suzanne Soto Racist Bully probably loves that she is behind a computer or mobile screen. That’s because bullies, especially racist ones prefer to the dark.

Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully
Suzanne Soto the Racist Bully

Suzanne Soto Racist Bully Greatest Hits — Screen grabs

Thank you to everyone who forwarded their screen grabs before Suzanne Soto could delete them. This racist thought she would get away with it. In the end, she deleted her account. That’s what cowards do. They run away when exposed. We wouldn’t be surprised if this troll is still lurking around Twitter with a new face.

Social Media Bully
Social Media Bully