Scandinavian Socialism Myth

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Scandinavia is not Socialist

Bernie Sanders perpetrated the Scandinavian socialism myth. He is a capitalist with multiple homes and riches beyond the ‘working’ class. Whilst others on the left have touted the same, Sanders is the vocal ring leader. So, it’s ironic that he is politicising untruths about Scandinavia. Here is the truth about the Nordic Model that Bernie Sanders ‘conveniently’ neglects to tell American voters. (cover image: Beitbart)

Scandinavian Socialism Myth

In America, Bernie Sanders wants to increase inheritance taxes
Sweden has abolished them completely! ALAMY | Forbes

In truth, Bernie knows nothing about the cultural history of the Scandinavian people, in particular Sweden and Denmark.

He keeps tooting the ‘Nordic model,’ but it is far from being socialist. No world model is perfect. However, his version of the ‘Nordic model‘ is in a time warp. It’s circa 1970’s or even 1980’s.

Bernie knows that to acknowledge the truth, is to admit that he was wrong. His whole premise is based on a model that is as FAKE as the news coverage of CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times, to name a few. Bernie and his cohort, ‘Cancel-rent’ AOC have yet to divulge WHO actually would pay for all the ‘FREEBIES’ they are pushing, like healthcare and higher education, because in Sweden where taxes are high, it’s the middle class that picks up the burden.

Bernie calls himself a “Democratic Socialist” but illiterate of the Scandinavian free market economy that embraces capitalism.

The US is pushing Socialist Agendas

Bernie Sanders is the United States counterpart to Jeremy Corbin in the UK. Bernie’s aggressive tendency for a ‘socialist’ America is turning the U.S. in the wrong direction.

America may be the ‘land of opportunity’, but sectors of the population don’t want to work to achieve anything. They rather wait for a hand out from the government. Some of these lazy black voices also want ‘reparations’. Yet, another free handout.

Gloria Alvarez Crushes the Scandinavian Socialism Myth

12-March-2019 | The Atlas Society, Ltd