Candace Owens is the Biggest Loser

Candace Owens is the biggest loser and has ‘lost the plot’ in the latest she said/she said with Megyn Kelly over the Harvard miscreants. Moreover, Owens is confusing ‘cancel culture’ with ‘blacklisting’, which every civilised country does to ensure security. After all, why have ‘No Fly Lists’ for terrorist cells?

That’s why we say, bye bye Candace Owens. She spent $18K on a business flight for herself and kids. She will be just fine.

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Candace Owens Mental Process

Blacklisting is a preemptive strike to prevent any future security issues. This goes beyond whether a person believes in pro choice or pro life. Even beyond ‘civil discourse’. People can form strong opinions during their development, but supporting terrorism is another matter. Full stop! When you disagree with issues, that is civil discourse. However, when you actively support the rapes, murders and the annihilation of a whole race, that is genocide.

Furthermore, it’s shocking that Owens can’t distinguish between two unrelated mental processes. Moreover, she has made a career and a name for herself ‘hunting’ down killers and calling out ‘celebrities’. So Owen’s confusion about the Harvard groups support of Hamas is hilarious. That’s because she constantly pats herself on the back for ‘getting things right’. Yes, no humility. However, she is on the wrong side of history. Additionally she makes excuses for the inexcusable.

That’s why Candace Owens is the biggest loser in all this. She was once an important voice for reasonable conversation. Unfortunately she is showing her true nature.

The Pushback

Megyn Kelly is a person who doesn’t hold back. Here, she pushes back against “Jew Hatred”. Higher education across America and the UK is failing. These are the students that Candace Owens is trying to ‘protect’. All that Owens is accomplishing is insulting people’s intelligence. Sane people know what hatred looks like. They look like these students. It also begs the question, is Candace Owens Antisemitic?

‘Candidates for Hire List’ for Candace Owens (8:20)

This is Why Candace Owens is the Biggest Loser

Relevant Data Added After Publication

Candace Owens is the Biggest Loser because she is arrogant. Gabrielle Bourne Media is always the gate keeper, but never the story. Moreover, citizen journalists who become the story, lose objectivity. So, they can’t be trusted to tell the truth. This is what happened to Candace Owens. She believed her own fame and subsequently revealed herself to be a fraud. She failed to report on the facts. Instead, she spewed her own biases.

People can hide themselves, but they eventually expose their true nature. Owens was never a conservative. She wasn’t even a Republican, but a Democrat with Liberal views. Her “red pill” moment was that of a pissed off black woman who was bullied. Her anti-bullying startup was a failure from the start and did not resonate with the general public. The Kickstarter went no where. It wasn’t until Conservatives gave her a start that she found fame and fortune. But she never could find her footing among Conservatives. That’s because she was a walking contradiction and it has finally caught up with her.

Victim Impact & Eye Witness Statements

We have listed victim impact statement and eye witness accounts from 7th October 2023, starting with Mia Schem. According to Schem, she “survived a Holocaust” and had her wits to survive in captivity. Moreover, she was one of the few released, but over 100 more are still in captivity or presumed dead.

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Author and Journalist Caroline Glick sits down with Avigail Gimpel – educator, author and burial society member who handled the bodies of the Oct. 7th massacre. With so many claiming that the atrocities are exaggerated or untrue, it is crucial that we hear from someone who witnessed the brutality firsthand. (The Caroline Glick Show)

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