Spotify Fired Meghan Markle

Oops she did it again! Spotify fired Meghan Markle and her boring podcast, despite what her “spin PR” put out. Don’t believe the rumours that his was a mutual split. It wasn’t. Finally, Spotify’s $20M mistake came home to roost.

Spotify Fires Meghan Markle and Harry - Bill Simmons
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Additionally, Gabrielle Bourne Media exposed how “Hollywood” deals are structured. The bottomline is profitability. These deals carry a ‘performance clause. Therefore, Spotify will not pay out the full amount as first reported by the media back in 2020. Spotify thought they were buying programmes that would “elevate underrepresented voices”. What they got instead was more “Me, Me, Me” from ‘work shy’ Meghan Markle who was revealed as a “fake” interviewer.

Currently, Netflix is evaluating their partnership. The same will go for Netflix when that time happens.

‘The Fucking Grifters’ That’s the podcast we shoulda launched with them.

Bill Simmons, the Ringer founder and head of podcast innovation and monetisation at Spotify

Spare Us Your Boring Podcast!

Meghan Markle is not an ‘interviewer’. She mostly talked about herself, instead of doing an actual ‘interview’. Furthermore, she is ‘work shy’. That’s why her podcast FAILED. Spotify tried to manipulate the rankings, but any keen observer could see, the numbers did not add up. Moreover, as we had shown you on 27th August 2022 with her first Archetype disaster, Markle’s podcast did not resonate from the beginning. Markle and Harry were excoriated on Bill Simmons podast.

It came as no surprise why Spotify fired Meghan Markle. In the scheme of business, it’s all about profits and Meghan Markle proved why she is ‘work shy’. She and the ‘Whingeing Ginger’ only worked one hour a week on their charity. That’s all you need to know about these ‘Grifters’. They want all the glory with none of the work.

Spotify slashes jobs Meghan Markle failed audio

Why did Spotify Fire Meghan Markle?

Gabrielle Bourne Media weren’t the only skeptics when it came to Meghan Markle’s Archetypes hitting number 1 on the Spotify podcast chart. Moreover on 27th August, we recorded Archetype’s FIRST EPISODE on the UK chart holding number 5 position (down) and the US chart holding number 11 position (down). What gives Spotify? We also weren’t the ONLY ONES complaining either. It looks like ‘people all over the world’ (not just women) were complaining too!

Spotify Mystery solved

Her new Archetypes series shows there is no anecdote that the Duchess can not hijack with one of her own.

“You live in F*cking Monticeto”

Shoot this guy to the sun… I’m so tired of this guy. What does he bring to the table? He just whines about shit and keeps giving interviews. Who gives a shit? Who cares about your life? You weren’t even the favorite son.

You live in fucking Montecito and you just sell documentaries and podcasts and nobody cares what you have to say about anything unless you talk about the royal family and you just complain about them.

Bill Simmons, Podcast January 2022

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