The Pinocchio Syndrome

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Why Meghan Markle is a ‘pathological’ liar

The Pinocchio Syndrome is a pathological phenomenon where a person can’t stop lying.

The Pinocchio Syndrome - Meghan Harry Privacy Tour NYC
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The Pinocchio Syndrome exposed

Whilst we disagree with Piers Morgan on many issues, he was correct about Meghan Markle. Subsequently, he coined her “Princess Pinocchio”. Moreover, in 2018, Gabrielle Bourne Media used Pinocchio’s nose as a yard stick to measure Meghan Markle’s very short “charity” work. Certainly, she tries to bill herself as a “Philanthropist” but fails to make an impact. She is a gifted Pinocchio who’s lies have become more grandiose.

23-December-2022 | George The Giant Slayer

Work Shy Pinocchios

Markle is no Philanthropist. Matter of fact, she is actually ‘work shy’. Still, all her ‘charity’ appearances were for PR gain. Nothing more. The Harkles worked one hour a week on their charity, as reported in their 2021 990 IRS filing. This explained why they ‘rejected’ their Royal duties. Therefore, it was Markle who actually didn’t want to do the work. However, her psycho-base tried to pin this on the Duchess of Cambridge. Furthermore, Markle wanted all of the glory with none of the work. In fact, that’s the real reason she left the British Royal Family.

The Pinocchio Syndrome: Professional Victims

Markle surpassed Pinocchio in the lying department. Undeniably, you can’t believe anything she says. Yet, her staunch supporters, including Tessa Dunlop keep defending her. The problem is that Dunlop and others don’t provide any proof. Dunlop shouts insults, point fingers and screams to get attention. That’s the reason, Angela Levin set up the ground rules in a Dan Wootton appearance with Dunlop on Prince Harry’s court case. Indeed, Dunlop was clueless about her behaviour as usual.

06-June-2023 | GB News Dan Wootton

Envoyé spécial du jeudi 13 avril 2023

From the “fairy tale” of their union until their break with the British monarchy, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been talked about a lot. But how do they maintain their luxurious lifestyle? What’s really going on behind their image as philanthropists? Watch original broadcast.

The Pinocchios’ ‘Race’ Claims

Markle accuses Harry’s family of being ‘racists’ with ZERO proof. However, Meghan Markle and her ilk are the true racists. Moreover, Harry is just effeminate and pathetic.

Riddle us this. As an illustration, why did Meghan Markle join a white sorority? Additionally, she dated white men, claimed ‘caucasian’ on her CV and even married white men (Trevor and Harry). Following her ‘white’ theme, she also had two prominent ‘white’ BFF Confidantes (Jessica and Markus). What about her “white” acting credits and appropriating ‘whiteness’ like hair straightening her hair and anglican nose job? She even used UK lingo on The Tig, and we have the proof. Markle also asked Liz Cundy for help finding a ‘British boyfriend’.That’s on record, from Liz Cundy.

Gabrielle Bourne Media calls Pinocchio to all race-baiters, race hustlers and those who use identity politics to “control” freedom of speech. Furthermore, they offer no proof or evidence of their claims. Their truth is a lie. Whilst we believe that racism exists, these Pinocchios whinge based on race. If everything is about race, NOTHING is about race.

06-March-2023 | The Telegraph | Chris Rock exposes FAKE Racism

The Pinocchio Syndrome: NYC ‘Crash’ course

The Pinocchios, aka The Whinge Cringe and the Ginge learned they can’t fool everyone. Therefore, even their base had enough. Moreover, their ‘car chase’ claims were countered by the taxi driver, NYPD and Mayor Eric Adams. Ouch!!!

The Pinocchio Syndrome Duke and Duchess of Hazard and Delusion

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became the ‘punch line’. Indeed, even Backgrid took a swipe.

The Pinocchio Syndrome - Backgrid response to ginge cringe and the whinge

Thankless Meghan bends the truth at One Young World

GB Media | 7th September 2022 | More “truth” bombs on ‘Princess Pinocchio’

Revisionist history once again, Meghan? Here is how she really got the gig at One Young World. It started in 2014 with Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne. Markle can’t stop ‘revising’ her history, and ‘whoppers’ padding to her lacklustre CV. Read more on our Royally Stripped report and note all the ODD Wikipedia entries too.

Meghan Markle - Gina Cowne Krueger One World
Archive: The Minx Report 2018 | Source: Daily Mail April 2018

Is Meghan Markle a Pathological Liar?

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