Message for Harry and Meghan

Integrity Matters Spare Us Harry Meghan who gives a shit mug

Message for Harry and Meghan came in the form of an “eviction notice”. No ‘stately home’ in the UK for the Ginge and his Cringey wife. In the words of Yeomni Park, who escaped North Korea, “Lady you really do not know what oppression looks like”.

13-January-2023 | Voice of North Korea

Message for Meghan: The Whinge of the Year 🤡🤥🏆

Here is a resounding message for Harry and Meghan, “Greater fame can bring with it greater hostility”. This is especially true, when you LIE and capitalise on millions willing to ‘sell your family’ to the ‘highest bidder’.

Even in the whinge-fest capital of the world, the United States of America, The Whinge is a dying fad. Even past Whinge supporters had enough. Jeremy Clarkson may have put his ‘foot in it’ but he exposed the REAL Meghan Markle. The Netflix mockumentary revealed that Markle can’t even keep ‘her truth’ straight…but then we already knew that.

22-January-2023 | George The Giant Slayer

This Serial Liar and Plagiarist is FULL of Sh*t 💩🤡🤥

“Here she is on @suitspeacock few years ago executing a PERFECT CURTSEY.

This only proves she knew perfectly well how to curtsey long before she met Harry—this season was filmed in 2010. So her whole BS on Netflix about [curtsying] to the QE was just a mockery.” Source: Newsweek.

Integrity Matters - Meghan Markle curtsey lie
Video source: Indy100

Meghan Markle ‘whinged’ about the cover caption in Vanity Fair’s “Wild About Harry” issue. She ‘whinged’ about her portrayal in The Cut, with rumours swirling she got the writer, Allison P. Davis fired. Maybe. Will she set her next ‘whingeing’ at Variety? What’s with the weird “barbie doll” shoulders? The Variety cover looks ‘alien’ 👽.

Harry and Meghan’s desperate attempt at an image change? It looks like they tried this before. Remember when Harry and Meghan copied each other? Now, they are doing it again. Firstly with the cover of Variety and secondly with Harry’s new hagiography, “Spare”. Ethereal halo glow and airbrushed, “soft” contouring? Really? They are no saints. In fact, the exact opposite.

Message for Harry: The Clown of the Year 🤡🤥🏆

Here is a direct message to Harry from New Zealand Airline, “We’ve never had flights between Mexico and the UK. And we only have Business Premier”. Just like his LYING wife, Harry never fact-checked SPARE apparently. Don’t you love the way New Zealand airlines pokes fun and punches holes in SPARE?

Message for Harry and Meghan from New Zealand Airlines

If you follow your CRINGEY wife and callous “social climber” who LIED about her own family, then you become THE ROYAL RAT.

13-January-2023 | George The Giant Slayer | The Royal Rat

GB Media | 5th January 2023 (Updated)

The more Harry speaks, the more stupid he sounds. Does he even know what he is talking about? Just like his whingeing wife, Harry is a ‘headline grabber’. Whatever makes them money is the objective of their game. Unfortunately for him, more factual errors were exposed. This isn’t a case of “recollections may vary”. Whilst it is a well written book, the ‘blatant’ misinformation makes this more ‘fiction’ than ‘non-fiction’.

This sneaky idiot knows that his family, aka The Prince of Wales and King Charles III will not speak out, so embellishment goes a long way in telling his TALL TALES. Why did Harry think a Nazi uniform would even be a costume choice? No critical thinker is buying what he and his whingeing wife are selling. That’s why their popularity polls and Netflix ratings are tanking.

Liars don’t have many supporters but they do have many critics. Leave Nelson Mandela out of your next ratings flop! No, your wedding wasn’t celebrated with dances in the street. No, you have no right to use Mandela’s legacy for profits.

05-January-2023 | Times Radio

Message for Harry from UK Military: You’re Stupid! 🤡

“He’s just opened himself up to every jihadist and nutcase out there.”

It is ‘naively stupid’ for Prince Harry, his publisher and ghost-writer to have published details of his kills in Afghanistan, explains Major General Chip Chapman.

05-January-2023 | Radio Times

Message for Harry and Meghan:

Harry and Meghan’s RECKLESS indifference, fame-hungry narcissism and money-obsession put themselves at RISK. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Message to Harry and Meghan Al Quaeda orders Prince Harrys Death