Recollections May Really Vary!

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The Me You Can’t Believe

The ‘mockumentary’ called ‘The Me You Can’t See’ should have been called ‘The Me You Can’t Believe‘. And just like his wife, Harry has spun a yarn of a tale. Those who believed that Oprah would challenge him was surely disappointed. That’s because the Monticeto Windsors and Oprah are cut from the same cloth. They make a living telling lies.

Since landing in the United States, ‘whinge and cringe’ did nothing but lie. If they did so whilst under oath in a court room, it would be considered perjury. But they did so publicly. Not only that, Markle has a history of lying. Now, her ‘hand-bag’ hubby got the need. Not for speed. But lying!

Haz lies to The Queen

This is not the first time Haz betrayed The Queen’s trust. If The Queen knew ALL there was to know about Markle, would she have approved the marriage? Once a liar, always a liar? In the case of Haz and his wife there is history of lying. Just look at the Oprah Winfrey debacle this past March. But before Haz met his wife, Markle had perfected it.

In turn, Haz lied to The Queen. Because in 2018, he told her that the Apple TV mental health programme was geared toward military veterans. Even so, Haz and his wife lied about the real reasons for making money. It turned out they were ‘wheeling and dealing’ way before Megxit.

Archie’s first words?

First Haz said his son’s first word was ‘C-r-o-c-o-d-i-l-e‘. Remember the double decker bus ride with James Corden? Now, he says it’s ‘G-r-a-n-d-m-a-D-i-a-n-a‘, ‘apart from mama, papa and grandma’. It doesn’t matter to us what his first word was but to Haz, it’s huge! Because he keeps telling us.

What matters to us is the sequence of events. No where during James Corden’s interview was ‘Grandma Diana’ ever brought up. Then neither ‘Crocodile’ or ‘Grandma Diana’ made the cut during the Oprah chat in March. Since Haz made a big deal about Archie’s first word, don’t you think he would be ‘consistent‘?

The Me You Can’t Believe: Cashing in on mum’s memory

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~ Sky News Australia 22-May-21

The Me you Can’t Believe Mental Health treatment

In 2017, Haz credited his older brother Prince William for ‘saving’ him and urging him to get ‘mental health treatment‘. Then in 2021, it was Markle? Yes, recollections may vary but with Haz, it’s a rewriting of history!

Haz throws Prince Charles under the bus!

There is no such thing as ‘perfection’, And this goes for parenting. Yet, once again Haz has rewritten history. Because in 2017, Haz and his brother Prince William praised their dad. In 2016, Haz also talked about his dad. Both he and Prince William recounted on Prince Charle’s work ethic and humour.

~ Blue Band 23-May-21

Harry and the Race card

So, it didn’t take long for Haz to whip out the race card. Let’s be clear, Dodi Al Fayed is not black. Neither is Meghan Markle. Perhaps Haz should spend more time reflecting on his ‘racist‘ past. Moreover, he never apologised for it. This whippersnapper keeps putting his foot in it too. Now, he compares his relationship to his mum and Dodi Al Fayed. Haz so convinced that Markle is his mum personified, it didn’t occur to him that he married her stalker!

Markle used the race card to accuse the royals, with no evidence. But she ignored claims of racism at her own alma mater. No, the ‘race card‘ is only important when it fits their narrative. Markle even paid tribute to George Floyd, a career criminal. He threatened a pregnant woman with a gun before robbing her.

The Me you Can’t Believe: Inclusion Conclusion

This may be a case of ‘obsession‘. And we are not talking about Calvin Klein. Mental illness is nothing to belittle, but in the hands of the Monticeto Windsors, it’s down right tragic! This is because they have reduced an important subject matter into a Saturday Night Live skit. It’s really shameful. And it’s a total sham!

It’s a sham because Haz is still angered by the paparazzi. He blames them for killing his mum. Yet, Haz has the gall to make CBS money with the Oprah debacle ‘chat’. Yes, the very network that broadcasted photos of his mum whilst she laid dying in a mangled up car in Paris. Talk about hypocrisy and making money on your dead mum’s memory! You can no longer blame his wife. This is all Haz. When he finally wakes up, can you really trust him again? The jury may be still out.

~ ITV News 23-August-2017

“You don’t need to hurt others to make yourself feel better”

~ Perez Hilton 26-May-21

‘Harry is a privileged Prat’

~ Reasoned 14-May-21

Living with a Narcissist…a ‘personal’ account

~ Baggage Claim 14-June-21

Bonkers! Two ‘Wokerati’ Journos eat their own!

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Harry Meghan Markle'
Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Harry Meghan Markle'
Independent 21-May-2021