CBS S.W.A.T. Race Lies

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Why CBS S.W.A.T. Season 4 is a Farce

It didn’t take long for CBS to fake a ‘woke’ race narrative. In season 4 of the crime procedural, S.W.A.T. are hunting down ‘white supremacists,’ the Imperial Dukes. The problem is not just poor optics for CBS, but a dangerous one at that. CBS S.W.A.T. race lies will be believed by the gullible and the most vulnerable — children.

The ‘woke’ nature of the show’s direction has not gone unnoticed. CBS S.W.A.T. stopped being entertainment. Moreover, the ‘social’ racial narrative they are pushing is way off base and irresponsible. It is more fantasy than reality. Perhaps CBS never believed Integrity Mattered. Or that Producers such as Shemar Moore (Hondo) believe what they are pedalling. Because Season 4 is missing critical data and importantly ‘critical thinking’. The kind of data and crime statistics compiled by the FBI, US Department of Justice; or even ‘leftist’ media such as The Washington Post. But no show runner, producer or writers on the show bothered with the truth.

CBS S.W.A.T. Race Lies about what’s behind the violence against Asian-Americans

Even though the data shows that blacks are ‘disproportionately’ represented (population based), they commit more than half the crimes in their neighbourhoods. In addition to black on black crime, they commit more hate crimes against Asians. But ironically, CBS casted a white guy for an Asian hate crime episode.

CBS SWAT Stop Asian Hate

CBS S.W.A.T. Race Lies about the destructive BLM-related Horde

In 2020, looting, riots and burnings left over $1Billion in damages. Shemar Moore cites George Floyd, but not a peep about the murders of David Dorn and Patrick Underwood by BLM influenced black and brown thugs. Instead, CBS decided to target white people’, Their ‘plan’ to blame whites will magnificently backfire!

~ GBNews 26-August-21

CBS S.W.A.T. Race Lies about Police hunting down black men

Talk about adding fuel to the fire! It wasn’t enough to focus a whole season on ‘white supremacists’. They also had to add ‘racists white cops‘ too! Thus CBS S.W.A.T. race lies got elevated to comical! When it rains, it pours?

Do racist cops exist? Yes, but so do racist blacks, Hispanics and Asians. Racism exists in every culture and every ‘race’. And NO, cops don’t hunt down black men! Yet CBS believes Whites = Racists. You simply have to be an uneducated dullard, if this is your worldview!

BLM inspired ‘cop killing’ graffiti popped up everywhere because of this false narrative and cops hunted and murdered! Yet CBS S.W.A.T. is pushing this dangerous, ‘woke’ and false narrative!

If the police were really hunting down black men, why has the rate of police shootings remained consistent since 2015? Blacks killed at a much higher rate is because they only make up 13% of the population. That’s statics. They also commit the most crimes because of the same statistics. You will hear the word, ‘disproportionately‘ thrown around a lot.

According to The Washington Post, in 2019 45% white men, 23% black men and 16% Hispanic men were shot by police. Out of those killed, 54% were armed with a gun and 4% were unarmed. The narrative that cops target ‘unarmed’ black men is ‘fake news’.

The media lies to the public because humans are the dumbest animals on the planet? That’s why it was so easy for CBS S.W.A.T. to bend the truth because most of their audience don’t question anything. Just check out the Meghan Markle-Oprah Winfrey debacle! Another CBS ‘truth-bender’. CBS must believe their audience is that dumb.

~ Larry Elder with Epoch Times 11-August-21