Category: Illiberal Nonsense

There was a time when you looked forward to leaving your parents house to make your own way, to live your own life. You thought these were your rights, to think, to disagree, to be free to express yourself. Then you meet people who are literally, “Illiberal Nonsense”. They told you had to “tow the line” or get canceled. They controlled what you said, how you thought and how you could behave. They put in place policies where everything was judged with a racial lens. What if they also controlled your livelihood?

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BLM Scam

BLM Inc is not a nonprofit. It has a complicated money scheme with all donations going through ACTBlue, then funnelled to Thousand Currents with only a small portion of the donations that are returned back to BLM Inc.

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Sarah Jeong: ‘reverse racism isn’t real’

Sarah Jeong believes that ‘reverse racism’ isn’t real. She falls in line with countless other similar claims made by people of colour. Is she exempt from being a ‘racist’ because ‘racism’ only applies to ‘white’ people? No. Jeong is wrong. Her past tweets prove that she is a bigot and a racist.

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CHAZ/CHOP is a Successful Failure

Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) is formerly known as Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). It started with a complete take over of six blocks and a park on 8th June 2020. This is the story of why CHAZ/CHOP is a successful failure. Photo is of Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. His son was murdered inside CHAZ/CHOP