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Sarah Jeong New York Times is a racist and here is why. If you want to discuss ‘racism’ to make a positive change, then more power to you. But Jeong never did that. Instead, she mocked people. She stated her hatred for cops and white people. Jeong is a public figure and thus should be a ‘role model’. She is in a position to influence for good. Instead, she chose to promote racist thoughts. Her tweets were full of venom. She illustrated her hatred. All the whilst, The New York Times went along with it. As if to condone her actions. Here is what they stated:

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Sarah Jeong New York Times is a racist that did not last long. She left the editorial board. She is still at the New York Times in some capacity. This goes to prove that the New York Times condoned her tweets. Here is a piece we wrote in July 2020. It’s titled, Sarah Jeong believes ‘reverse racism’ isn’t real but she’s still a racist. We also added Nick Cannon. He stated, “white people” are “closer to animals” and “savages”.

Likewise, Priyamvada Gopal stated, “White Lives don’t matter”. She stated that it was to counter ‘White Lives matter’. She supports black lives matter. If she valued black lives, then she should also value white lives. A life, no matter the skin colour should have value. Only racists focus on skin colour. This is the same woman that demanded that porters at King’s College call her “Dr Gopal” instead of ‘madam’. It’s ironic, how she exercised her ‘class privilege’ whilst accusing the porters of discrimination. Kings Cross immediately shot back and defended the porters. They did not find any wrong doing.