Meghan Markle: “I can make myself cry”

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Meghan Markle can cry — on cue

Did you know that Meghan Markle can cry on cue? Well back in 2014, when Markle was just another cast member on ‘Suits’, she demonstrated her special talent. Lights, camera, action! Voila! She can cry on cue. It’s on video. Years later, this special talent would come in handy. Did she use it during her ITV interview with Tom Bradby? Did she save it for Oprah? Or both?

Markle made a big deal on Oprah about ‘Kate’ making her cry. She complained the media got it wrong. And the Palace never corrected it. Who cares! Since it was a wedding and emotions were high. But are the reports true that she slammed the door on the Duchess of Cambridge? Who knows. But we wouldn’t put it past her. Markle has a checkered history on how she deals with people. Many of these stories have been corroborated by first hand accounts.

How to Spot Crocodile Tears

As suspected, Markle barely passed the mark on the ‘crocodile tears’. She didn’t even shed a tear drop. Unless, you were looking through a magnifying glass. We reviewed the tapes of the ITV and Oprah interviews. Whilst it is true you don’t know what goes on in the mind of a person, you can, however, spot the inconsistencies. We are talking about verbal cues, not body language.

Don’t muddle the ‘tell’ signs by how they hold hands. Or where their eyes go, left or right. Or if they are rubbing their leg. Maybe he’s got an itch, and not ‘self soothing’. Instead, look at previous interviews, BEFORE Markle met Harry. The two interviews we mentioned were way too controlled. Listen to the inflections, tone, pauses and even hesitations. What many people totally missed were the non-verbal cues from Oprah. Now, did Markle bring up the race card OR did Oprah???

Apple TV mental health anyone? Three in the bag already! You totally didn’t fool us with this three-card monte trick either. ‘Plug, plug’ *cough* plant.

The TIG headquarters – Soho House Toronto

Markle: We’re at Soho House Toronto, which is basically TIG headquarters for me. I write my stories here, I take my meetings here AND it’s kind of amazing because all over the world when I’m travelling, Soho House can still be home base.

Can you make yourself cry?

Markle: Oh I can do that so well! Oh my God it’s crazy! You’re like Meghan one tear left eye go (slaps hands) Give me three seconds (raises hands).

Express scrubs landing page to Meghan Markle admits ‘I can make myself cry’

There has been a lot of SCRUBBING going on. CNN did it and now Express. Both are pro Markle, so that will give you all a clue why this happened. We knew it would so, we took screen shots.

Before…Meghan Markle can cry

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After…Meghan Markle can cry

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As it turned out Express changed the link and title. Here is the new look and link to the video. It is curious how they now link the article to Prince Harry.

“Meghan made Catherine cry, knowing she was pregnant and this was because she was incredibly nasty to Charlotte. Meghan was adamant on not having Charlotte or George in the wedding party but Charles & the Queen made her do so as they are Harry’s niece & nephew, and basically they’re paying for all this so you will do this”…