Meghan, Harry and Discovery Plus UK

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Meghan and Harry Recollections May Vary

A new documentary will revisit the Meghan and Harry saga on Oprah. In today’s edition of Variety, Discovery Plus UK takes the helm of this so-called ‘investigative’ documentary. They titled it, Meghan and Harry: Recollections May Vary. It’s a bit of play on words. As HM The Queen used similar language in response to the Oprah saga. Likewise, the title was plagiarised directly from HM The Queen.

Clare Laycock is the senior VP of planning and head of content for lifestyle and entertainment. She said:

“In one of our most ambitious investigative specials to date, the royal interview that divided the world is going under the microscope. With Shearwater at the helm, ‘Meghan and Harry: Recollections May Vary’ promises to serve up some ground-breaking insights that may finally put to bed questions around the claims that made headlines.”

Dissecting with experts?

The documentary will deploy a slew of experts. They include body language, linguistics and forensic psychology experts. They plan to “dissect key moments” from the Oprah Winfrey saga. This is laughable of course because the twosome have already been caught out in several untruths. Furthermore, you don’t need these type of experts when you have their past behaviours and ‘in their own words’ as references. You can also refer back to the BBC interview in November 2017 and to the Tig blog to match ‘reality vs fantasy’. In addition to corroborated evidence. Documentations include photos and first hand accounts.

Discovery Plus UK must believe its doing the public a service. It’s also strange that this documentary will only stream in the UK. The twosome’s popularity has plummeted since the Oprah saga. It’s vitally important to connect the dots here. Because this streaming platform is owned by Discovery Inc which owns 95% of OWN. You guessed it the Oprah Winfrey Network. Oprah made an all stock deal with Discovery back in December. We wouldn’t put it pass Discovery to do some “damage control” in the UK. Certainly, we wouldn’t trust anything coming from Discovery either where Harry and his wife are concerned.

In many ways, this could also be Discovery’s little victory, having lost out to ITV to air the Oprah saga.