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Scams and frauds go beyond phishing and hacks. Strangers are no longer your problem. Celebrities and ‘influencers’ are now bankrupting you too. In 2021, we exposed the Fyre Social Media scam. Society has always been a cesspool of degenerates, but made worse by the introduction of social media platforms and pseudo celebrities. “Ponzi” is what we refer to as financial scams, named after Charles Ponzi the Italian swindler in the 1920s. These schemes continue, but they now involve celebrities, financial pundits and “influencers”. This combination makes it worse. Would you trust paid spokespeople like Jennifer Lopez, Shaquille O’Neal, Tom Brady or Gisele Bündchen? What about Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid involved with promoting Fyre Festival, which imploded into a social media scam?

Phishing Scam (Joe Miller) - Domain Registration scam

Phishing Scam Joe Miller

PHISHING SCAM JOE MILLER IS AT IT AGAIN in 2021! Carter Newhouse, the resident phishing expert is back with another edition of his sensational thriller, “TO CATCH A PHISH”! Get your copy before you become “ITS” latest victim. In this ‘catch and release’ serial, the main antagonist PHISHING SCAM