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Facts about Meghan Markle’s Lies, Hypocrisy and Plagiarism

Contributors: Annika | Lisa Choi | Sabina Guthridge

Meghan Markle is a triple threat. Her lies, hypocrisy and plagiarism only scratches the surface. First, she sends her minions to lie about her family in People magazine. Second, she and Prince Harry lectures us about carbon footprint, whilst flying around in their private jet. They are also preachy on anti-racism, but Prince Harry hasn’t apologised for his ‘racist’ past. Third, Markle’s recorded history of plagiarism dates back to 1995.

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Forces for Change (Vogue) vs. The Game Changers

Meghan Markle must have been influenced by The Game Changers cover when she was on it. Even the name strikes a pose. It’s incredible how two different publications came up with “similar” publicity blurbs.

A publicity blurb for The Game Changers from 2016 said it was about ‘fearless, trailblazing’ women who were changing the world. – Daily Mail, 29th July 2019

Royal officials said the Vogue issue, Forces for Change, coming out 2nd August features “change-makers united by their fearlessness in breaking barriers” – The Detroit News, 29th July 2019

Fake vs Real – Lies, Hypocrisy and Plagiarism

Dear Friends,

In May 2018, Meghan Markle was a newsworthy story for many outlets here in the UK and across the pond. She was still considered a “breath of fresh air”. I cannot pinpoint when the views started to change. As for myself and crew, it started during the infamous BBC interview [reposted]. Markle wasn’t believable. But her “truth” wasn’t enough to set me off on the path to expose her. That came later during the summer 2018.

I am glad that Britons are finally waking up to her lies, hypocrisy and plagiarism. And judging from the ‘explosion’ of FAKE bots on Twitter supporting the former royals, our work to expose the pair continues. Prince Harry made it clear he wanted out. He married a woman who was woefully under qualified for the role of Junior Royal. Despite what Prince Harry said during the BBC interview, he did not prepare Markle for a life of Royal service.

Prince Harry going off to America to appease a woman not deserving of any credit should not garner any empathy either. Meghan Markle ‘destroys’ not builds. And her ‘ghosting’ skills have hit the stratosphere. Recent media reports claim she dumped’ her BFF, Jessica Mulroney over a racial row. Mulroney was recently identified by the press as one of five friends who spoke out against Thomas Markle Sr. in the infamous People magazine story posted on 6th February 2019.

Sky News Australia’s Paul Murray | 23-September-2020 | Prince Harry is missing and has been ‘captured by wokeness’

When “Friends” Lie – The Truth about Samantha Markle

The People magazine “hit piece” extended to Samantha Markle. A “friend” claimed Samantha capitalised on “Meg” by changing her name to “Markle” after using Grant for a ‘long time’. Don’t you love the loyalty, we mean “coaching”? How would this “friend” know when and why Samantha Markle changed her name? Here is the truth. It’s all a lie. Samantha Markle changed her name from Yvonne Marie Markle to Samantha Markle in 1997. Her diploma received in 2006 said, “Samantha Markle”.

Lies Hypocrisy and Plagiarism – “Fangirl” Media

Meghan Markle has consistently shown her true colours, but many in the media, especially People, Vogue and ET Canada are so blinded by her ‘three-card monte’ tricks. People magazine is her unofficial “spokes-media”. If you want to read “fawning” reviews and sycophant copies, read People. Otherwise, skip People. Matter in fact, skip them all. You won’t get the truth. Just more lies to elevate a woman who has done nothing. We mean nothing. She is a PR stunt.

Some media outlets are quick to point the finger at ‘racism’ when anyone dares to speak out against Meghan Markle. Ellie Hall of BuzzFeed is such a cheerleader. She will gleefully defend Markle, despite evidence to the contrary. Hall wrote an article back in January 2020 on 20 headlines comparing Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s hardly an “apples to apples” comparison. It was a “puff” piece. She also got it wrong about Markle’s commencement speech to Immaculate Heart High. Markle never addressed the graduating class. I don’t think Ellie cares much for the truth anyways.

These media outlets have entrapped themselves in giving Markle an audience. Now, the preachy former royal and her lackey Prince want to lecture the world about anti-racism. Of course these “fangirls” are onboard. Anti-racism isn’t enough, they also lecture us all on ‘carbon footprint’ whilst trouncing around the world in private jets.

Prince Harry’s dance with KKK and Blackface

Prince Harry should be the first to be CANCELLED from the anti-racism chit chat circuit. He dutifully followed in his great uncle’s footsteps. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor AKA Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson were Nazi sympathisers.

Flash forward to 2005, Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi, partied and danced with ‘KKK’ and ‘Blackface’. He never addressed his ‘dark’ racists past in any of the videos popping up online. Prince Harry already demonstrated ‘institutional’ racism or ‘unconscious bias’ in a video that he starred in. It captured his racist slur when he was a uniformed soldier representing the UK. Prince Harry is not a refined spokesperson. He is a ‘woke’ hypocrite and he was talking about himself, I gather.

Prince Harry and his wife are walking, talking and breathing hypocrites. They try so hard, yet fail so miserably to impress many. Now, they have joined the Black Lives Matter Marxist Party. Because they will grab any causes with HUGE headlines. Black Lives Matter UK came out against Israel. The Nazis hated the Jews too.

Talk Radio-Dan Wootton | 11-August-2020 | ‘Before Prince Harry lectures us on racism, I want to hear how he dealt with his own racism’

The Decline of Meghan Markle

The sentiment in the UK has changed towards Markle who was once embraced by the British people as a ‘breath of fresh air’. Now she is viewed with less fervour. She continues to drop in the ‘popularity’ survey of Royals. Whilst I always thought she was quite poised and well spoken, I wondered where I had heard those ‘familiar’ words and phrases in her speeches. Markle, we all discovered is a liar and a professional plagiarist.

Blatant Lies, Hypocrisy and Plagiarism

Markle exclaimed she was a ‘fraud’ and lied to casting directors [reposted] to get a role and her union card. She ‘borrowed’ phrases and ideas and incorporated them into her speeches without giving full credit. Thus plagiarising the works, ideas and words of more prominent people. She copied The Game Changers cover for her Vogue guest editorial. JFK’s speech inspired her to borrow from him too during her The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust video with youth members. 

She even lied about the 100 episode of Suits in her now infamous BBC interview of November 2017 [reposted]. Markle knew she was going to be written off the show in 2016, but during the interview made it ‘appear’ she wrapped up Suits in 2017, just in time to be engaged to Prince Harry. She was happy to be in the United Kingdom and looking forward to visiting The Commonwealth. This was all a lie. Her omission was enough for the Creator of Suits, Aaron Korsh, to set the record straight. 

Markle already admitted she was a “fraud” on video and we should believe her.

The Lie she told – “I was Taft-Harteleyed”

According to Daily Mail (1st February 2020), ‘Meghan says she pretended to be in a union to get a small part in a pilot for Century City in 2004 CBS Show.’ She laughed about.

She tells the panel: ‘I was Taft-Harteleyed, which is I pretended I was union…. and you have to… it was the pilot called Century City with Héctor Elizondo’

‘And I got there, and they’re like – so you’re union’ 

‘And I’m like of course, I’m union I mean yeah absolutely And then I wasn’t.’ 

‘To this day those casting directors will never hire me’.   

‘I was such a fraud.’ 

Meghan Markle’s Lies, Hypocrisy and Plagiarism exposed

Steve Jobs

Meghan Markle continues to ‘appropriate’ words, thoughts and ideas that don’t belong to her. Whilst it’s ok to ‘borrow,’ she should make a greater effort to CREDIT the original source. Here is Steve Job’s 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford University. Let’s compare.

“Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Steve Jobs, Stanford University 2005

“There will always be negative voices. And sometimes those voices can appear on the outside and sometimes they can appear to be painfully loud, but you can use your own voice to drown out that noise. Because that’s what it is: It is just noise. But your voices are those of truth and hope, and your voices can and should be much louder.” 

Meghan Markle, Girls Up Leadership Summit, 14th July 2020

Stanford | 8-March-2008 | Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (12:35)

Lies, Hypocrisy and Plagiarism – Markle’s Commencement Speech Lie

In the same speech at Girls Up Leadership Summit, Markle lied about speaking to the 2020 graduation class of Immaculate Heart High School. This never happened. Markle’s PR firm submitted the video to Essence and other media outlets, including Oprah. These Markle “fangirls” lacked the conviction to investigate the accuracy of the story. Markle was never “part of” the Immaculate Heart Graduation Ceremony.

Oprah Daily online did ZERO investigation and believed the lie. This is what Caroline Durand published on 4th June 2020.

A source close to the Duchess shared with “ Meghan was excited to be part of the Immaculate Heart Graduation Ceremony. But after this week, she knew there was no way she could speak to a group of compassionate, service-driven young women without addressing George Floyd and the racism that plagues this country.”

John F. Kennedy

Whilst Meghan Markle used the phrase, “Where high tide raises all ships,” the similarity to President Kennedy’s “A rising tide lifts all boats” which he used in his 1963 speech, as pointed out by Piers Morgan, is more than a coincidence. 

Markle continues to ‘borrow’ phrases and words without crediting the sources. As ‘public’ figures, speakers and authors, we must always maintain the integrity of our works by never plagiarising. And providing credit where due. Kennedy’s speechwriter Ted Sorensen, rightly credited the slogan’s origin in his memoir, Counselor: A Life At The Edge Of History. 

Metro | 07-July-2020

One25 Bristol aka “Banana-gate”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visited a Bristol sex charity who were bagging lunch. Markle, as always, had a brilliant idea! Why not scribble messages of hope on bananas. She asked for a sharpie. It is unclear when exactly, Markle provided credit to the ‘lunch lady’ from the States who started a programme of writing inspirational messages on bananas to her students. The archival footage including the one from AP which provided a continuous filming of the visit did not show Markle mention where she got the idea, if at all. Later, quotes appeared in publications including Markle never provided FULL credit. The credit belongs to Stacy Truman of Kingston Elementary in Virginia.

Associated Press | 6-February-2019 | Meghan goes bananas over sending messages of hope

Grey’s Anatomy

Season 13 Episode 16: “Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?” | Credit: Joyce Markham

“I wasn’t sure what I could say to you. I wanted to say the right thing, and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t. But I realized, the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing.”

Meghan Markle, Immaculate Heart Commencement Video, 3rd June 2020

Elenor Roosevelt

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. “And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

 ​“It isn’t enough to simply talk about equality. One must believe in it. “And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it…”

Meghan Markle, U.N. Women 2015

Paula Joy Welter

Singer Paula Joy Welter, ‘A Sky with no Blue’ chorus (1995): “A girl without freckles is like a night without stars”

Meghan Markle’s father was old enough to know the song, when he changed “girl” to “face”. “A face without freckles is a night without stars.” Markle liked it so much, she registered copyright on 18th January 1996.

The creation date is noted as ‘1995,’ the year the song was released. Other than the replacement of ‘face’ with ‘girl,’ the two phrases are strikingly identical. 

The Sun reporter Martha Cliff, however, argues U.S. Copyright laws would not characterise this as ‘plagiarism’ because ‘the lyrics could have been created independently.’ Whilst it’s true that copyright is about a ‘fixed sequence’ and plagiarism applies to the ‘idea,’ the evidentiary data shows that BOTH the song and Mr. Markle’s phrase was created in 1995. Ms. Welter’s album ‘Morning Light’ where the song ‘A Sky with no Blue’ with the phrase, ‘A girl without freckles is like a night without stars’ is owned by Starry Sky Music, 1995.