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Meghan Markle Race Hustler launched in May 2018, the month and year, she married Prince “handbag” Harry. Markle dumped her rescue dog, Bogart to make this happen. Ironically, she became the Patron of Mayhew where they re-home animals. Who did she have to “sleep” with to get that gig? With all pun intended, Markle went on the Oprah Winfrey show to air her already soiled laundry. She hustled her race card to Oprah, but it was all a lie. It would be a few years later when the world caught on to this not so charming mixed race woman. The irony is that she lived virtually as a white woman in Hollywood. She didn’t care about titles either, albeit she wanted it so badly for her children. She also bills herself as the Duchess of Sussex. It would be great if she could fly away on her broom stick.

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As a society, we fail to see beyond the “superficial.” We have this “halo-effect” around certain people that makes us blind and indifferent to what is right in front of us. I believe she is playing a three-card monte on us. She distracts us to look elsewhere — ‘Hey here I am an humanitarian and feminist’ — so that we forget she just traded these values in for a “gilded cage.”